‘Cardiff Cultural Journey’

I have lived in Cardiff all my life so when revisiting for this task I wanted to take another look through the arcades to take time and notice the shops that I don’t usually pay attention to on a day to day basis. The arcades were extremely beneficial to Cardiff, as I know that the first to open was in 1885; increasing the amount of shops and customers for Cardiff City Centre.There are at least four arcades which have a vintage architecture within the surroundings so it is always pleasant to walk through them and photograph the beauty of the vintage look. Whilst making my way it was nice to stop and sketch little parts of the interiors. I was intrigued by how many textiles based little boutiques there were.

Like pad deco, for example, it was stunning. I walked in and it felt like being in a fairy tale. It was such an inviting design shop with plenty to see and gain inspiration from. The floral trees and lighting surrounding the shop created such a calm and soothing mood. It as an intimate boutique with a dark backdrop to enhance the lighting and work of the artists. I was really inspired by the interiors within the shop, like the cushions and chairs. The colour schemes worked so well too as they were vibrant along with contrasting colours on the fabrics. I loved the juxtaposition within the colours as I find things that don’t usually go together pleasant. The prints on the cushions were appealing and attracted me to the store as well as the display in the window which was a draped hammock.

There was a lot of floral prints on the furniture, pillows and general interiors. This appealed to me and my practise as I love repeated pattern and mark making. The colours had inspired me for my mark making sessions as my colour palette consisted mainly of bright pink, turquoise and grey. The collection of pillows were made by the Australian designer Kerrie Brown, who I hadn’t heard of before until entering this beautiful shop. I thought her work was creative with the brightly stylised designs, over laying one another and exotic theme.

I would definitely be visiting Pad Deco again to see new trends to inspire me further within my practise and help me gain ideas.

I also visited Cardiff Castle, which is one of my guilty pleasures; sitting outside of it during the summer when the weather is really nice is probably one of the best feelings. When looking inside of the Castle, I was actually surprised because of the culture behind Cardiff and how interesting it was to see how much interiors have changed over time. Cardiff Castle leads onto Bute Park which is just towards the back of it. A really nice rural area that has beautiful flowers growing in the gardens. I have drawn from them plenty of times within my practise. I enjoy taking photographs too! Walking along the bridge to get to Llandaf fields is also a beautiful walk when the sun is shining.




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