Tuesdays in the print room.

Tuesday is the day we get to experiment in the print room,  I had a vague idea of what we would be doing because of the previous foundation year, I tried transfer printing and found it really great so I was looking forward to using the heat press. From the Mondays session I took inspiration from the mark makings I had done and used mesh material and bubble wrap to create surface pattern. This is shown in these images below

I started to experiment with the different colours, as the dye looks different on the paper compared to when its been heat pressed onto fabric. I was unsure about certain colours but really liked them as soon as they were on the fabric, it’s exciting to see the results when you take it out. I used a feather on one of them, which I didn’t particularly like. If I was to do it again I would definitely use more feathers instead of just the one in the middle. Personally I find that it looks odd. I also didn’t spread the paint well enough as you can see brush marks on the background. The second, I was over layering colours, and I actually like the mixture of the blues, purple and pink. The third is a jelly fish, I do love sea creatures and think they are great for textiles with the patterns they have. I am going to develop this further by stitching on top of it and sewing beads on. I then used block colours in a circular motion with the paintbrush to see the various tones and saturations. The last was a floral design, which colour be developed and repeated. I used complimentary colours of turquoise and pink as I think they go together so well even though they’re opposites.

I also love the method ‘batik’. It is satisfying having the undyed piece left with the design you’ve made using hot wax. I used it on normal paper after stretching it and also water colour paper which I believe worked really well. You can get some really stylised designs which I have been looking at on Pinterest to gain some inspiration.


Here is some of my own work, using Batik. When using the tjanting tool I always rush my ideas without thinking of a strict design like the artists have in their work shown above. When I get the time to revisit this method I will definitely have a design ready for me to use. The colour scheme in each one is repetitive, as I think they work well together, however I would like to try more blues and greens instead of the purples and pinks. The great thing about batik is that it works well on fabric, water colour paper and photocopy paper.



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