Smells Like Teen Spirit

Subcultures & Street style

This term I chose ‘smells like teen spirit’ for my constellation group. I was excited when finding out about this topic as I have always been interested in the various subcultures that started off in the 70’s, especially with developing certain fashion traits. Not forgetting I am a huge Nirvana fan and love the song! As well as their many other great songs. I love Kurt Cobain as I think his songs were inspiring and the lyrics mean something to me. Anyway, going back to the constellation, I find it interesting to know why certain fabrics give different meanings in each gang. I would have loved to have ben around when Punk and Goth evolved, as I am fascinated by the look and think it’s great. I love the unique style and how they stood out and didn’t care about what anyone thought as it was clearly a huge shock back in the day.


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