Trip to St Fagan’s

Since I can remember I have always visited St. Fagan’s at some point during a school trip. Sometimes it can be repetitive as I know it so well, so I wasn’t that excited about  re visiting the museum again. Having said that, we were given a brief to follow which made it more appealing as I was actually looking for things to get inspiration from to then draw.

I took some images which linked into the theme of making marks during the sessions with Helen on Monday. The wire images below really inspired me because of the lines and various marks made within the structure. I then took the idea and used masking fluid, soft pastels, and stitch to show the marks. It is also about creating a pattern and design with the marks that are on the page.  If you look at the images closely you can also see various shades and tones, I thought this was beautiful and aesthetically pleasing when taking the image as you can see the light shining through which creates the tones. The angle and positioning of the wire is also beautiful.


I took this birds eye view image to get a different sense of mark making and pattern.

I went into a stitch workshop and took inspiration from the wire images above.

img_1396I used the dissolvable fabric and used the structure of the wire in the form of stitch. I used organza on the outside and connected the stitch together that way. I was pleased with this outcome and was glad to be inspired by the wire in the Hardwore store at St. Fagans as I’m just overwhelmed with the images. I could experiment further with a bigger piece and various colours perhaps.

Another task was to focus on objects that had ‘curves’, complete 10, 10 minute sketches and a drawing within 45 minutes, so I chose a teapot in one of the vintage homes and various cups and saucers. The sphere shape clearly linked in with curves and I was able to get a good tonal range from the pot.

I used various mediums for the 10 minute sketches ranging from pastels to charcoal, which I thoroughly enjoy as you can be more free with the media. I was strict and only used pencil for the 45 minute drawing, I wanted to keep it simplistic and utilize the pencil marks to get darker shades. I am pleased with the outcome as I think I used the theme of ‘curves’ really well, I left out the detailing on the side and used the technique of continuous and blind drawing on a different page in my sketchbook.

I took a few snaps of the red building, catching the various angles of it, to then draw from. I was instructed to concentrate on perspective, depth, foreground and background, which was another 45 minutes. I shaded areas to gain certain textures and used an eraser to highlight certain areas as well. I also completed a quick sketch of the structure using line – again focussing on mark making. the image on the right is a close up, using negative space as a focal point to my drawing. Another 45 minutes.

The visit to St. Fagans was actually not that bad and it helped me gain inspiration of the multiple mark making techniques, I can now carry out in my own practise and in the drawing sessions on Monday. I have been inspired for many more pattern designs.




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