This Tuesday we had an introductory to dyeing fabrics and looking at shiborii; an ancient Japanese ‘fold and clamp’ technique that resembles tie-dye. It allows you to get folds and textures within fabrics. Securing it before dyeing to allow various shapes on the fabric.

I used moleskin and silk one time and there were three colours available in the dye baths, which were yellow, pink and green. I used the yellow, as you can see in the second image. It was very vibrant. I used marbles and tied them with elastic to get the 3D affect. I was pleased with the outcome and tried it with the pink, without the marbles and just string to get the ‘splashed’ affect. Another time, we had red, blue and green in the dye baths. I was using the clamping technique with circular shapes to create a pattern on the calico material (see above images) I had left some in for a long time to get a really dark colour. For example, the bottom left image, I kept in over lunch so it had over an hour to absorb the dyes, I was pleased with the outcome, however the dye had evaporated and so this meant my piece of fabric had sunk to the bottom where it gained the pattern from the bath. I will still use it and keep it as a second best sample. I love the various colours on each sample, some are pastel and others are vibrant.


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