Craft in the bay.

I went to visit craft in the bay to gain inspiration. Its the fourth time I’ve visited and I love it there! Craft in the bay is the home of the Makers Guild in Wales. Within the gallery space in Cardiff Bay, they host exhibitions of Craft and applied art from both emerging and renowned artists from Wales and other places. as well as workshops and special events. They have a changing showcase of jewellery, ceramics, textiles, metal work and furniture exclusively made in Wales.

The work of Laura Thomas..

Woven Textiles

Laura Thomas is an established woven textile artist and designer, specialising to produce striking textile art works for a number of things, such as private homes, public spaces and exhibitions.

Painterly gradations of hues and shades, or blocks of bold colours with selective contrasting highlights coverage with tactile qualities. Unusual yarns and surprising woven structures to invite the curiosity of the viewer.”

It was amazing to see Laura Thomas’ work in person. You could really get up close and see the detail and how intricate each piece of cotton is. It must have taken her such a long time to perfect it. The pieces of cotton benefit and look really effective in the acrylic box. It looks like they’re 3D and coming towards you, even though there is only one layer. At first glance I thought the cotton was paint. I was amazed by her work and love the bright colours she has used. They look energetic and remind me of waves. Her work is very modern and contemporary. She works with translucent materials which I find appealing as I love working with that myself. Her focus is ‘graphic’ and ‘organic’ when relating back to her hometown where the Landscape is prominent, especially with the coastlines, hills and forests which have controlled aesthetics.


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