Tord Boontje

Boontje is a Dutch designer whose education set the foundation for the studio, which is incredible. Established in 1996, the studios early projects focussed on low cost or free products, e.g Rough & ready furniture & Transglass. His support comes from institutes such as the British council and the design museum. He has worked with a range of international companies, Swarovski being one of the. The studio is based in France and has been for 5 years. Boontje decided to return to London in 2009 to engage in education. He was head of design products at the Royal College of Art, he held the position for four years. His work can be fond in galleries around the world which is such an amazing achievement.

I’ve seen images of his lampshades made out of paper ,also plastic and thin aluminium is used for the lampshades. The patterns are really beautiful and focussed around nature. Just like the still life drawings we’ve done in class. I love the thin, crisp cutting of the material to create a suspended piece its really beautiful how the light from the bulb is reflecting the design onto the walls. His  projects include, lighting, graphics, ceramics furniture and textiles which I find interesting and it’s as aesthetically pleasing looking at his work. It’s so delicate and fragile which makes it appear beautiful, the fact you can see through the design also makes it interesting, it’s something you wouldn’t mind having in your house. When I was introduced to his work I was amazed at how intricate everything is and how Boontje has a fine eye for detail. The amount of cutting out that has to be done to make them look as good as they do is impressive. It hangs so beautifully. I love how each flower/leaf is different and some are longer than others. It’s interesting & looks busy. There is a lot going on, however it isn’t too chaotic.

Elements: colour: I like the multiple colours the lampshade comes in especially silver.

Line: there are multiple lines

Tone: It’s shown when the design is reflected  onto the wall


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