Still life

Switching groups was hard for me as I didn’t enjoy the task we had set for the Monday sessions, I found them difficult to begin with as I hadn’t done ‘continuous line’, ‘blind drawing’ or using my left hand, as to me I think that my drawings have to be somewhat perfect and I take a lot of time when drawing.  img_0653

We had to do multiple drawings consisting of strict time schedules and techniques. I had chose a rose for the first half, focussing on the lines of the petals and then an individual petal which I then decided to take into the stitch workshop. I thought looking at the petals would be great for the line techniques. I love roses and think they’re beautiful, especially to draw from and look at in detail. I used pencil, fine line pen, biro, and some coloured inks as well.

10 Minute sketches regarding the task..

A selection of leaf and rose drawings using mainly continuous line, which I found to be my favourite technique out of them all. I liked being free especially with the fine line pen, it made nice lines and mark making.

I can see why we were given the task, to use in our future drawings and mark making, and to realise that our drawings don’t have to be perfect and we can create beautiful marks without looking and even using our left hand, although, when I used my left hand.. it didn’t exactly look like the object in front of me!

The drawing on the top right is my favourite. I drew the rose petal on tracing paper using three different mediums. I firstly used fine line pen, then coloured pencils, and then graphite. Each of the petals look different and its all down to the medium and not forgetting the fact I was trying not to look as it was a ‘blind drawing’. I was trying to seek out shape, texture, and form.

The second still life session, I used a plant instead and also we had a life model to draw from, again with strict instructions to not look at the paper, only what we are drawing. Both were blind drawings, the left I used charcoal and the right was a pencil. I love working with charcoal as it is far more free and if you make any mistakes it looks abstract and interesting.


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