“Bring something in that’s blue…”

Scarlett decided to choose a plant from the studio, and as a group we then chose to look closely at the leaf to gain pattern from it, using various mark making techniques. Aisha wanted us to bring anything in that was blue. I really enjoyed this as blue is definitely a calming colour, and when carrying out the task it was genuinely calming.

The interesting thing about having a certain colour to work with is that there are so many gradations of colour. The blues range between light and dark and also indigos and turquoise. We used wet media and dry. Sticking on fabrics and ribbon, also inks and acrylic paint. We added tones and textures together, it was interesting to have a part of everyone’s interest and style and I found it enjoyable taking part as a group.

We then photocopied our work, I decided to get two A4 sheets to then collage on top in my own individual style. I used the flat brush to create thick strokes, and blowing ink on the page to make it ‘bleed’ and look like a vein in the leaf.


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