Colour schemes.

Following from the blue collage session I started to come to terms with the fact I absolutely love working with colour palettes and schemes. Above are some of my images where I kept to the same colour just in various gradations and saturation. I love the pale and pastel colours as well as the bright and vibrant. The first image, was painted on bubble wrap and then printed on top of calico, the acrylic is thick and has created a nice texture on the calico. I used turquoise and some navy blues over layering each other. The second image is two of my bubble wrap pieces, where the first I used bleach as a resist to see how much it would affect the remaining colour blue. It made it slightly more green compared to the one on the right. The last image was blues and purple. I used water colour, a flat brush and went in circular motions, whilst it was still wet I poured bleach on top of it and it soaked the colour up. I thought all of these colours and mark making went so well together that if I was to do them again, I could re-create these ideas and put them on fabric to use as a collection. I enjoy working with all of the techniques I’ve tried above as it makes the marks more interesting.


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