Presentation Of My Final Pieces

These past few weeks have allowed me to experiment with old and new techniques. I have really enjoyed working with the dissolvable fabric as it was something new for me. It was challenging, and I couldn’t get my head around it at first, this is because every stitch has to join! I have also learnt that your design has a different impact on various materials. I liked re-visiting batik and transfer print technique as I thoroughly enjoyed those in my Foundation year. Shibori was new for me as well, and I was fascinated with the two shibori pieces. I used the clamping technique which makes the result of your sample random. I loved the applique technique, this was new to me and I was pleased with my result.

I have chose these 12 samples to exhibit for my final presentation as I found they were the best and  stood out to me the most. The top three worked really well and I thought of the likely possibility of using them as a collection. During the peer feedback I received lovely comments from my group. They particularly loved my jellyfish, which at first was just a transfer print. (image) Shown on the left hand side, I wasn’t pleased with it as I found it dull, however, I’m glad I kept it as I then went into the stitch workshop and was overwhelmed when looking at the hand embroidery. I added French knots on the top left to create movement and the decorative stitch going down for tentacles. Having them intertwining and going various ways also creates that movement of the sea and how they react when under water and floating.

Having done that with the jellyfish, it made me think how you can always improve your samples when adding particular things to make them stand out just that little extra bit.

You can see the left was where I started with the transfer, using the cranberry colour. I’m glad I kept this sample and didn’t chuck it away when I wasn’t happy with it as it just shows the massive improvement.




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