Outcomes of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’

When told we had to write an essay for our formative assessment I was feeling nervous, but as the weeks went on and the available sessions on essay writing I felt more comfortable as I was gaining plenty of interesting ideas. ‘Smells like teen spirit’ has been a great way for me to gain more knowledge of subcultures, especially ones I’ve paid an interest to in previous years. I loved the hidden meanings of each subculture too. It has also taught me about how everything comes back into fashion, and trends are always relevant and re-occurring and that to gain great ideas it’s okay to borrow to gain your own inspiration. It’s definitely going to help me in the future with my own work.

  • Although things change, they are re-invented in the future and present
  • Colour and materials are key
  • It’s okay to break the rules
  • Influences don’t have to come from a particular place
  • Think of the history and function of fabrics
  • Ripping of materials can portray certain things
  • Questioning traditional values
  • Meanings can change.

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