Formative assessment point.

The first day back at Uni and I received feedback from Sally. It was really positive and was great to speak to her as well as read my feedback online. My work was said to be edgy and unique. I was happy with that as I think it’s important to, as well as follow a brief, but to show your personality and your likes through your art work too – portraying who you are is a great way to be different and become known!  

I have shown a diversity within my work and it was clearly stated by my display. Sally also mentioned I have intriguing ideas and natural flair for colour schemes and mark making within textiles.  I was overwhelmed with the positivity about my work, it has made me more determined for this term to get myself organized and ready to start ‘Future Now!’ which is about sustainability and upcycling of fabrics. I am really excited to be working with other departments in the art building to, such as product design, interior design and architecture. It is going to be an exciting project and I’m looking forward to see what work I can produce!



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