First session of Print Screening in CASD

I’ve print screened numerous times throughout my artist journey and my first experience was during A level and we used a stencil. It wasn’t the easiest way to print as you couldn’t have any detailed designs. I then went into foundation art, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was more in depth compared to a level.

the little thumbnails above show previews of what work I’ve done in the past.  Laura Ashley was a massive inspiration for these pieces which I contacted the store and got many free samples! I loved using nature and floral patterns for my inspiration as it works well for repeat patterns.

Step by Step process:

  1. Draw design, must be black and white.
  2. Coat the screen with photo sensitive emulsion
  3. With design, use cooking oil and leave for 3 mins under exposure unit.
  4. Leave to dry and rinse out image until completely clean.
  5. Tape the sides so no white is left only your design.
  6. Use binder to mix and create your colour.
  7. Get fabric ready and squeegee to then print design.

Using a wallpaper book in the library to gain inspiration for my screen print. Using two colours give it an interesting mood, the bright pink fading to the darker colours give it a darker feel. This inspiration has also come from alternative clothing companies, such as Hell Bunny. I think their clothes and designs are stunning.

I wanted to put two things together that somehow show a juxtaposition, hence why I used the two colours, and put a bow and roses with thorns together. The design overall went really well as a repeat pattern. As this is only a sample I will try develop this further with perhaps using stitch on top. Here is my outcome:

Over all I love this process and cant wait to do it again.



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