I just read an interesting article on upcycling and the beneficial reasons as to why more people should do it and what affects it has on the world. The reasons why we should upcycle unwanted textiles was so valid and true. It is a great way to give life to vintage fabrics that are no longer needed or wanted, and to have something unique that no one else has. It is said in the article that about 14.3 million tons of textiles were sent to the landfill in 2012 in the U.S, that is an awful lot of waste of garments that can be given a new life. That’s why I’m looking forward to sketching ideas and starting to sample for this project as I would definitely want upcycling to become a habit of mine. The simple reason is I am always changing my style, well I have changed my style in the last few years and have clothes I no longer want, so finding a purpose for them now would be great and that means I won’t be adding to the landfill each year with my unwanted clothes.



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