U p c y c l i n g
S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

Upcycling is the way to reduce the amount of waste and make materials into something more outstanding than the original item. Most denim that is owned ends up in a landfill and £140m worth of clothing does as well. It’s a shame when you can do great things and extend the items life. I’ve not used upcycling as a theme as much as others have so it will be interesting starting this project. I already have unwanted clothes that I’m never going to wear so I’ve decided to use them for this project. I have started looking at inspirations for upcycling and creating mood boards on Pinterest.

There are so many great things you can do with denim! I have gathered several denim garments from my attic that I no longer need or want, and from my family as well. I have so many scraps of fabrics also to use as a starting point  and to sample with. I am looking forward to trying new things with denim as it’s a tough fabric that I’ve never really used before. I intend on extending the life of the denim and use print and stitch with it. I want to create something interesting and portray as many techniques as I can. I will even look at making it 3D, and use pleating and folding within my samples. Whilst carrying out this short project we have been given starting points on where to look for inspiration to use, either architecture, nature or designers that are an influence. I have taken photographs around Cardiff, looking at the nature and structure of the buildings. I may take this into consideration when working on my samples and creating a new life for the denim.



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