Tuesday: Collaboration day.

‘Trans branding..’

So we have been introduced to field and we have been signed up to a brand and have our collaborative team.

My brand is ‘Dewalt’ and the product is an iron. At first I was confused as I hadn’t heard of that brand before. Then researching into it I found it to be heavy duty tools to be used around the house or used on construction sites. I wasn’t particularly pleased with this but then as I created a mind map of ideas I started to think of the possibilities to do with textiles. Me and the group also made a mood board, this helped to inspire for colour schemes and shapes within the tools.


Firstly, the thing you remember the most of the brand is the colour. Colour is very striking and shows its power as they use the contrasting colours of yellow and black. They are also hazard colours. I think using colour is a great way to show meaning. This is perfect as I believe colour to be a main point of textiles.

What are the associations with dewalt?

  • Masculinity
  • DIY
  • Power
  • Black and yellow
  • Representation of self is through colour and heavy duty
  • Hazard colour
  • Diverse, striking colours, showing juxtaposition
  • Hand held tools

When we were in our field groups we were answering questions such as ‘if the brand was a car…’, ‘a holiday’, ‘a film’.. Etc. It was interesting to see what everyone had thought and sharing the ideas.  The questions had come from ‘Marc Gobe’ chapter 7 ’emotional branding’.


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