Manipulating Denim.

For the upcycling project on denim I decided on making colour schemes at first and using the images I took to draw from. I used continuous line, without looking and left hand as techniques and not forgetting just quick sketches using ink. The colour schemes helped me develop a colour palette and worked well with bleaching.

I then started to tear the denim apart and manipulate each sample piece. I bleached the denim, used ink to over lay colour and also acrylic paint. The third image was inspiration from one of the previous images. (left)


I also took my inspiration from the nature and made a lino to print on denim, it was a trial to see how it would turn out and it didn’t look too bad on the denim, surprisingly. I also used a soldering iron to create the rips and burn the denim to give it a different texture and burn marks. Creating these ideas have given me inspiration for my Field project.  I have really enjoyed upcycling denim and creating a new life for it. I think it’s important to use old and unused clothing for textile projects instead of throwing them out. During one of the lectures, I was totally inspired by a charity called Wrap. They transform the way textile and clothing is reused and how industries buy it.

Reading through their website was interesting to see what the other benefits are when you reduce the amount of textile waste. Looking through their website really encouraged me for this mini denim project. I believe in helping the environment so from now on I will definitely not throw any clothes out.

WRAP’s report on the clothing industry in the UK identifies £3bn worth of savings and reduction in carbon, water and waste of up to 20%.



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