Architecture & interior.

Qiora store & spa.

Before we were given our field groups and brand name, we had multiple presentations delivered to us by each of the tutors from the disciplines we will be collaborating with. When the interior design lecturer showed this on his power point presentation I couldn’t help be mesmerised by such calming and peaceful colours.

Imagery: David Joseph.

Location: New York City

The various bluey shades of organza  gives the spa a tranquil feel and calming mood to the interior space. The layered veils hang delicately round the cabin spaces. The colours are carefully marked by overlapping layers of fabric to draw the eye continually further into the space. The visible light through the organza creates a natural feel to the spa.

I love this as being a textiles student, my way of thinking is that the material you use for an interior space does have a great impact on what your plan is and how you want your visitors to feel in that designated space. I think that the designer for this spa definitely had the right idea of how you would want to feel when having a massage or any beauty therapy treatment.

Looking at this interior space has influenced me to keep this in mind when working on the project. I have been given a brand I’m unsure of, so my next steps are to research further into the brand so I can get a better understanding of what materials, colours, and patterns I’m going to use.


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