Dewalt Inspo

Tuesdays session I created my own mood board on pinterest to gain textile ideas. We discussed with the interior designer on colour schemes. We thought to put a divide between the black and yellow that we would use greys, silver, and wood within the interior space. I am going to apply that to my textile pieces. Obviously we can’t use the brand name directly onto our final pieces, but we can use things that people may recognise it by. So I have decided to make colour schemes and samples within my sketchbooks. Also using mark making techniques. After a long, thought process discussion with my collaborative team, we had all decided on the purpose of our job role and what outcomes we would produce. It was great to share ideas together. We decided that the interior space would have wooden walls as you can use a dewalt drill to drill into the wood, and use it for construction and building. Also if the store has a scent of the natural wood then it would really make it feel like its supposed to be the dewalt brand. Also the silver and grey for metal. The black and yellow are the iconic colours which we decided to use more of the black in comparison to the yellow. At first I wasn’t completely sure if I agreed with the idea, but sourcing vintage black fabric will be a lot easier than yellow. As I would probably have to dye it and that’s not very sustainable so I decided it wasn’t for the best. My final outcome is going to be a set of cushions and a wall hanging for the interior space.



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