The Body

So term two has begun and my second constellation study group is ‘the body’. It appealed to me as it explores attention to the body, examining ways in which the body is used in Art. The way the design approaches the body as well as social instructions to the body and identity. I’ve used ‘the body’ a lot in my previous foundation work as my final major project was on mental health and how it affects the body and others around. Although I was making a statement in that line of work, I’m unsure whether I will do something like that again, however it’s just something I’m interested in general.

The relation between textiles and the body:

The body  is very important part of textiles in two aspects. Fashion being one of them, as it is something that covers the human body, making it socially acceptable to live everyday life and keeping the body comfortable. It seems as though fashion is influenced differently in todays world due to the media and how celebrities are depicted with their fashion statements, which is very lack of clothing in some cases. Focussing on more of the aesthetic than what clothing actually does for the body in a sensible way. Clothing can also make the body look and appear a certain way, and make the person happier about themselves if the clothing on their body makes them look good. Interiors are also related to the body as bodies are always associated with interiors on a day to day basis.


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