Flock & Foiling

Second session of screen printing.

The second week into screen printing and I decided to utilize the workshop time and create some samples for Dewalt. I had learnt some new techniques today and various ways of screen printing a design on without using paint. We used two binders, which had complex names. (Luckily I took pictures). The one was a glue substance and the other was called puff binder.

The one on the left was the glue, it was for foiling and flocking. When using this you had to be quick and thorough with the whole process as your screen would become blocked. So after using it 4 times it was recommended to go wash your screen. The one on the right is the puff, which made your design on the fabric appear 3D. With this, you could add pigments of colour to the binder which appealed to me as I was using the colour yellow.

I started off using the puff binder, I used a separate pot and added a yellow pigment. My designs are simplistic and geometric. There are various shapes of what resemble the brand Dewalt, so I decided to make a screen and use black denim as it is a durable fabric. The 3D affect worked really well and I’m pleased with these samples. The black and yellow makes it look powerful and striking, which is exactly what I was going for. The next thing I done was use the glue, it didn’t work for me the first time I tried it, but I realised I wasn’t pressing hard enough. I then tried it multiple times ad it worked so well. I used silver foil and yellow flock. The silver looked great and had a lovely affect. I plan on using that more for my final piece. Which will be discussed on Tuesday with the rest of the collaborative team.


Above is an image I took earlier of my work space at 3.30 pm. With just half hour left I wanted to get as much done as I possibly could. I was sizing the flock and the foil with my screen printed designs which were on denim. Over all I have enjoyed this workshop experience as it was new for me. I have a body of samples that I can now work from and develop ideas. I will be definitely using them again as I think the foil and puff binder will look great on the cushions that I plan on making for my final outcome.


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