Subject & Object

This lecture was about ‘subject’ and ‘object’ and how we make ourselves victims of being an object when posting pictures of our selfies online. We looked at how our bodies and identity can be determined by society. We are subject to having control over what we post and only show half of our identity as the photo isn’t our true self. We are allowing others to see what we want them to see, therefore this is classed as objectifying in the sense that the image of myself above that I have posted on various social media sites doesn’t have its own life as it’s only an image of me and not the real thing.

S U B J E C T:  freedom, and how human beings aren’t tied down to do a particular thing, we can do as we please. Subjects are able to communicate with one another.

O B J E C T:   something that has an owner and cannot communicate. For example, the subject can be a human and the object can be a pen, the human can communicate with the pen and get it to do things, but the pen can’t do anything back. It’s never the owner and it contains information.

The selfie I have taken of myself above was definitely a fourth or maybe fifth attempt of the ‘perfect’ photo, meaning the lighting had to be right, angle of the image, and not forgetting that my hair is in place, so I guess I would say I agree in that social media has a massive impact on how we live our lives and post things for others to see, as we are unlikely to post a picture that isn’t perfect unless someone else does it for us.


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