P a u l  G a l l o . . .

Is an American theatrical lighting designer, who has spread his successful career over three decades. He has designed over 50 Broadway productions having the privilege to work with  amazing talented actresses/actors.

We had a lecture about him briefly, so I decided to research who he was and his profession. The video we watched was very inspiring so I thought I had to make a post about it! As a potential artist studyin at University, to hear the words from someone else that your inspiration can come from just anything, even an experience, means a lot as most of my work in the past has definitely been about experience. Whether it’s been good or bad..

Having an inspiration that comes from experience, to me is very exciting as it is much more personal and the passion that goes into that piece of work can be incredible. It’s also nice to have a connection with your own work and hoping that someone else will understand it too.

“Inspiration can come from anything, a place you visit, a colour, or an experience.”


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