The Research File

Todays session we were given inspiration to go and find more research for our practise. As a textiles group we discussed the various ways we could incorporate research as sometimes it is a bit daunting. We came up with the following(which I think are great ideas):

  • Websites
  • Book/Journal/Magazines
  • Artists/Designers
  • Brands
  • Visits
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • Photography

My favourite way to gain inspiration is probably mood boards from Pinterest, going out and taking my own images and artists/designers. I use those three very well and they are prominent in my research, so I’ve decided to use the others as well so I have a variety.

We were also set a task to choose from the box a piece of paper, I had chosen two, to go out and research whatever was written on the paper. Mine were:

I was excited about what I had chosen by chance as I always love visiting Craft in the bay to see the variety of interesting designers and artists that have their work in there. I had no idea about ‘Tate: The art Magazine’ so I look forward to searching it on MetSearch to find out what it’s about and what it has to offer and to see if I can find anything that can influence me for my DeWalt Iron project.


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