Tate ETC.

Tate Etc. issue 39: Spring 2017

My research task was to look at the Tate ETC magazine. I’m glad I have because it will definitely widen my knowledge of wider artists that look at other art diciplines. I found this really interesting to research as I didn’t know Tate even had a magazine that they published and allow people to subscribe too.

Tate Etc uses Tate collections, projects and events as starting points to explore the art scene on a much larger scale. Essays, interviews, studio work, and even following the history context, the Tate subscription seems worth while with all the interesting things to read about. They also use a wide range of imagery to intrigue the reader further.

Tate ETC has become the largest art magazine around Europe. It’s published three times a year, in January, May and September.

What I found really helpful and useful to know is that the Magazine itself is actually sustainable. The paper sourced to compact everything together is from an environmentally aware forest products company. The manufacture of the paper is in step with Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC guidelines.

As my field project is about sustainability it’s really useful to acknowledge other great brands and companies that use sustainability as a key feature to their work and what they do.  I found this useful as when looking for inspiration for a project sometimes we forget the importance of going out and looking into the world, as we are at an advantage these days with the technoloy.


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