Dewalt; Sourcing Fabric Samples

Sustainable fabric

Although I knew I wanted to use denim for my final piece I still wanted to see what other sustainable and organic fabric that was out there. If I was to make cushions I would need a large piece of denim, however the jeans I’ve been cutting up for my samples aren’t very big. I decided to look at Modelli Fabrics, Organic Textile Company, and various fabric outlets on Ebay that were 100% natural denim.

Modelli Fabrics was a personal favourite of mine as they generously offered free 8 samples of your choice. I chose some grey, black, and yellow ones, but from my industrial research I looked at the two pieces of fabric (top right) which informed the industrial side of Dewalt. When ordering the fabric I wanted to have it in the flesh to see what it would be like and if I could work with it. However it was like velvet and I didn’t think my screen prints would work on them. I also wanted to see if they would break up the black and yellow within the store.

Organic Textile Company had so much on offer and loads of denim to choose from, there were various textures and colours of other fabrics too. As you can see in the image above I’ve photocopied them for my Powerpoint presentation. Experimenting and finding the right fabric is a key thing for me, as I still didn’t find any I liked.

I stumbled across a really nice denim fabric on Ebay, it was a nice price too! I only ordered an A4 sample to see the fabric and it was a lot nicer and thicker than the other stores.


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