Dewalt; Development of stitch techniques

After trying out all of the different foots and needles on the sewing machine the previous week, this session enabled us to choose what we wanted to focus our field work on. I wasn’t keen on using stitch for DeWalt at first, but then when I saw examples of the decorative stitch needle I was overwhelmed with the foil as the substance. I thought it was perfect for our interior space as the colours are grey and silver as well as yellow and black. The foil also conveys an industrial side as it’s shiny surface looks like metal. I started stitching into it creating a pattern and I immediately wanted to use it for our store. I think that they would be great as hanging pieces, suspended from the ceiling in front of the wall above the sofa, or even in front of the window space. I will have to discuss this with the interior designer to see what she thinks, I also used organza material and used some of my digital designs as inspiration for these samples. Below you can see the spokes and various lines that drew me in to using the organza as it’s see through and can have a really big impact on the viewer.


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