J a p a n e s e S t y l e 
I d e n t i f i c a t i o n O f
S t y l e 

  • Emerged in the 1950s
  • Inspired by western influences but it is unique to Japan
  • People are upcycling and creating their own new styles to suit their own indvididual preference
  • Subcultures are known for borrowing styles
  • Really exaggerated

Sweet Lolita

  • Elegant and cute
  • Pure and innocent
  • Links with British style – Alice in wonderland, dolls, cuddly toys
  • Similar to Victorian style
  • Pastel colours
  • Up cycled with bows, hearts and anything ‘sweet’
  • Adding a ‘girly’ stylePunk 
    • Taken from the British style of punk
    • State of fashion rather than opinion
    • Non-anarchy


  • Influenced by the traditional style
  • Kimono’s are exaggerated and upcycled by paint
  • Exaggerated look
  • Bright colours
  • Complemenrary colour schemes


  • Links to the sweet Lolita but it is a darker version of this
  • Elegant but gothic
  • Aristocrat style  – upper class
  • Vampire romance – literature



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