Dewalt; Geometric research

My designs for dewalt are very geometric, the circular shapes and the body of the drill link well with the geometric’ work I’ve already looked at, so I decided to see what was out there in the stores myself.

I went around town to look at the cushions that are being sold at the moment and are in trend. I went to Matlan, which is where the cushions are from in the images above. A lot of the cushions had geometric shapes printed onto them. I really loved the top left cushion, I just love the green and intricate designs as it reminds me of an embroidery artist I’ve looked at, Shaun Kardinal.

I’ve also made a pinterest board full of inspiration from geometric art work.

I went into Primark as well, in there home section as I know they keep up with the trend really well and also have unique things in their store. I found a lot of geometric patterns on the cushions and also gold and silver metallic. I loved these cushions and decided to take a picture of the display. The yellow one was also really nice to and fits in with the Dewalt colour scheme.


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