Interesting typography


Just walking through town as I needed to make a trip to Wilkos as I almost ran out of poly pockets! I saw this sign in front of the store window of Superdrug. I’m not sure why but this really caught my eye for my project. I’m focussing my target market on female who D.I.Y and it was just ironic to see the hair dye advertise for women to ‘Do it yourself’ as well. I think that no matter what the situation is, everyone is doing DIY these days as it’s becoming so popular in peoples everyday lives. This benefits the companies and also the person doing it as it’s a lot easier to be able to do things yourself than wait around. DIY is definitely becoming more popular, as before people would stick to their profession, and women were stay at home whilst the men went out and had the education, things are so much different now. I also love the typography they’ve used, it reminds me of Dewalt as their text is so thick and bold, in our group presentation we’ve decided on using ‘Impact’ for our titles as it fits in with the theme.


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