Dewalt; Change of Ideas.

After a few weeks of focusing on various designs from looking at the screws to the actual Dewalt products and trying out stitch techniques, I met up with the interior designer to see how her ideas have developed. The last time we had spoken, there was going to be a seating area upstairs inside the store for a testing area for the products. I looked at her designs which had changed to suit the theme of Dewalt better. She has made the seating area apart of the display as it’s coming off the walls and extended around the corner, to fit the shape of the ‘trigger’ on a Dewalt drill. I love this idea as I think it fits perfectly with the Brand, it’s something they would do.

This then made me decide on how I want to present my cushions onto the new designed seating area. I sketched up some ideas when photocopying her floor plan and decided to produce some samples on various fabrics to portray a D.I.Y  and constructive theme. I would potentially like to wrap the denim around the seating area to make it apart of the interior and feel as though it’s embedded into the seating area. I feel this is something Dewalt would do as their products pretty much embed into the interiors to enhance the features through the way of D.I.Y.

I am going in the print room Friday to test print my design on yellow fabric, some denim and other fabrics to see which I prefer.


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