Cardiff Museum.

Today I went to Cardiff Museum to gain primary research for my project. Throughout this project I have looked at geometric shapes and patterns taken from the various shapes within Dewalt. So far I’ve just looked on pinterest, so I decided it would be great to go look first hand at artists work.

I have looked at the circular shape within the drill, and also screws which are associated with the drill. Also how the drill has curves more so than straight lines. The handles are also very curved and I’ve taken parts of that for my prints. I began on looking at geometric artists from various disciplines to see how they gather their shapes together.

Above, I’ve attached some images of the artists that caught my eye on the first level of the museum. From left to right is, Adrian Heath, Patrick Herch, Ben Nicholson, and John Piper. The thing these paintings have in common is that they are all oil on board, is what I find fascinating as each artist have used geometric shapes and the same media but they all look different and catch your eye in various ways.

I really love Adrian Heaths painting. I love the layering of the shapes and the colours being contrasting together. I like the over laying of the shapes as they create endless possibilities for the artist to gain new shapes within the piece.

I do think the harshness and bold colours work the best for catching the viewer’s eye, this is why the bottom right works so well! I think that for my final samples I will definitely use bold shapes and create a pattern. When my piece of denim is covering and layering the seating area I want it to be so bold that people will recognise it as Dewalt and that it will go perfectly with the rest of the interior.



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