Dewalt; Sketchbook work

Curves in Dewalt - Geometric Shapes

As I’ve changed my design to fit ‘Dewalt’ I decided to print off an image of a drill, and drew in my sketchbook to get the shape correct as my previous design didn’t fit dewalt properly. The lines were too harsh and straight. As you can see Dewalt is really curved, I wanted to portray this in my designs for my screen print, so I decided to use pro markers to get the curves right and use some mark making to create a pattern (on the left).

I was happy I noticed this error as I want my work to scream Dewalt to the client when I give my presentation. I also took designs from the trigger and made a screen from it.

The left image is my design ready to put on a screen, and then the right is the final outcome. Yellow Puffbinder on black denim jeans which are cut up. I wanted to keep it as sustainable as I could so I cut up a £3 pair of jeans from Primark.


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