International Women’s Day

Textile Design  |  Sustainaility   

We had four inspiring women come in and talk to us about equal rights and about the  international women’s working day, which is what it used to be called. It is the representation of the struggle women face when fighting for their rights. It was very interesting as I found out so many things I was oblivious too before. We also had a talk from our tutor, Sally Grant, who also shared her story with us when working in the textile industry. 17 countries promote equal rights.

They mentioned that 100 years ago, textile workers in Russia went on strike for their rights, which ultimately lead to Russian revolution. We were given presentations  and given an introduction to their experience by the following women:

Amanda Peters – vintage vision. Retro and vintage clothing
Joe Perin – vintage vision volunteer.
Dr Jean Jenkins – gender specific roles.
Alex Hall – graduate of foundation studies.  Own sustainable business in Cardiff.
Sally Grant – Textiles tutor.

Vintage Vision
Giving women skills, broadening their horizons, selling beautiful vintage clothes owned by women from years ago. They’re given the opportunity to have another life which i find great. Their website is really intriguing, and such an interesting business. I haven’t heard anything that does this sort of thing. Everything is donated to them and they sell them on to prolong their life, there is no textile waste at all – fashion lives on!
Sally Grant
Izzey Miacke – Dignifying the female body.
Textiles – such a broad subject. Behind a lot of things culturally but hidden.
Chanel – brand. Story behind the brand. Commercialism, back story, person behind it. Raised in an orphanage. Chanel embroidered panels. Grew plants and turned them into medicine – huge impact on Chanel. Lintons Tweeds – Yorkshire, produce the iconic Chanel tweeds.  Harris tweeds is used by Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.
Dr Jeans Jenkins: International clothing sector. 
Garment industry – very often damaging industry in the world today. Burberry – last brand to move over seas. Brought in 24 million year before they closed – went to China.
Whenever an industry is skilled – usually men are involved with them.  Male dominated.
Today -1970 equal pay legislation til today in the UK.
80% garments that are made are made by women. Industry travelling the globe looking for cheap labor. Some issues for workers. Poverty Pay. Long hours
Health and safety issues – building collapse, fires, silicosis.
Freedom of association.
Intimidation and Harassment – verbal, physical and sexual.
Sand blasted denim – siliceous dust is produced in that process
Fashion revolution – labour behind the label.  (April)
Joe Perin – volunteer vintage vision
Joe Perin volunteers for vintage vision, and one of the things she said was that fashion has a long life if we look after – although it can be repaired. An introduction to what she does, which is empower women with sewing skills, making fashion last.
Joe Perin also had some of the vintage dresses displayed on mannequins and started to talk about the past experience of the owners of the dresses. I particularly loved the black evening dress with the netting on it and from a far it looked like the floral pattern had been screen printed on, but actually i went up to feel the dress and have a closer look and it seemed like the pattern had been hand painted onto the net instead. I absolutely loved this and it was the key feature of the dress and i think it makes it more interesting nad personal that it was painted on all those years ago and still in good condition. You could tell it had been painted as the surface felt a little rough like when paint dries on your clothes!
Alex Wall
Worked with Alexander Mcqueen.
Xandra Jane January 2016, finalist sustainability champion. Suzie Turner – first promotion and intern. Beading onto a gown. Zero waste if you can’t have organic fabrics. Break taboo of second-hand clothing. Vintage tartan shirts turned into bags. No one would know its second hand unless they read the journey cards. Industry – judge on people’s clothing  because of their choice. True cost – Netflix.


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