Looking at Dewalt in hardware stores

I wanted to see how Dewalt was displayed in the stores so I went into B&Q and looked at the various drills and other products. The others were displayed in a similar way to the images above but they weren’t as powerful as the Dewalt display.  The colour for a start is has a very large impact on someone if they wanted to view or buy a drill. I like how they used three key words to grab customers attention as well, this is really inspiring for my own work. Durability is one of the key words i’m focussing this project on as I want my samples to come across as durable and can withstand just like the brand. I also compared the way other brands were displayed and the pricing on them. Some drills weren’t as expensive and didn’t have an advertisement that was gripping from the moment you walked up to the isle in B&Q. After researching the brand first hand in the store, I want to convey the same qualities in my work. I want the client to be interested when I’m giving my presentation and I want to keep them interested by having my designs that show durability within my designs.


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