Dewalt; Using the wing needle on foil


I love how delicate the foil is when you stitchover an area multiple times. It rips but still keeps the stitching inside attatching the pieces of foil together. Although it’s delicacy shows it is also really robust as you can fold it and unfold it without it tearing. I tried various lines as you can see above to get the dewalt feel, however, after changing my design ideas to more curved lines to fit dewalt better, I decided to do this with the foil.

The foil piece will be situated behind the till area within the interior, suspended from the ceiling with artifical light behind it so it shines through the holes of the foil. The scale will obviously be much larger, as it’s going on a wal whereas my samples are A4 pieces. On a bigger scale there will be more holes so more light will come through into the store. Where the white is in the image is where the gap will be and you’ll see light shining through.


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