Dewalt; Finalisation for Trans Branding.

crystal design 2crystal design 3

We were given two weeks to finalize our design ready to show the client and I used print and stitch. The first image I used layering as a technique to convey the bulkiness and strength of Dewalt. I wanted something that was over powering and in your face when you see the seating area within the store. I like how you can see the foil design below the yellow puff print. I think this gives it a robust feel, especially as it’s on denim which is a durable fabric itself. The second design was actually a happy accident. I didn’t mean for it to have patches missing or for it to be distorted but it actually took me by surprise when I used the iron to puff the print up. It gives it an industrial feel to the print and fits perfectly with the Dewalt theme. As these prints were my final samples, I needed to make sure that the yellow was spot on, as before it was too bright! I added orange this time to make it a darker yellow.  The purpose for this design is to go on the seating area, at first I was creating designs to go on a cushion I was going to then produce. However, interior designer changed the seating area which made me think twice of what I wanted to do. I then decided to just cover the whole seating area in denim with my design printed on it. This would then convey a thickness to the store, making it look industrial and powerful and robust. I wouldn’t have to worry about the material wearing away as the seating area is integrated in the testing area, where people would be more focussed on testing the iron product than sitting down.

I also started to use the wing needle in stitch the second week, I used it on silver foil and took a love to it straight away! I just love how it linked in with my research of industrialisation. I have plenty of mood boards on pinterest where the industrial side has really been an influence to me. Below are my final designs I’ve scanned in. I used yellow stitch and created a pattern within the foil. The wing needle is purely decorative so it leaves holes within your work, and it looks amazing. I used the shape of the Dewalt drill to create a curved pattern to represent their drills and geometrics. These designs will be covering the wall, behind the tills, suspended so artificial light is able to go behind so you can see minimilstic lighting creeping through the holes where the wing needle has left its mark. I also took inspiration from the drill when creating this, as a drill is used to leave holes in a wall for nails to be embedded.

Crystal design 4 final foil - Copycrystal design 5 final foil with black background - Copy


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