Dewalt; Formative Assessment Feedback

The grade I received for the Trans Branding project so far was excellent. I was overwhelmed with this as I’ve worked really hard in the six weeks we’ve had.  The feedback from the tutors was positive and they didn’t have anything negative to say. My mood boards were relevant and helped the client to understand where my ideas have come from and how they’ve influenced my creative process. Another point made was my thought pattern and design process was talked about thoroughly throughout.

I think I gave my design concept clearly for the client to understand and for them to give me an excellent on the grading system. However, if I was to show my collaborative work again for Dewalt, I would definitely choose less final designs as I don’t want to over complicate my design process.

I will  need to speak to my textile tutor as well because I wasn’t told what I could improve on or if I needed to change anything for the Summative end of year hand in date.



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