Introduction to digital and trends

Today we looked at the brief for this module, and the following themes to gain a better understanding of each one and what we have to do to complete this module for the hand in date in June. The themes are:

Where the old becomes new. People strive for a bold portrayal of the classics. Theres a genuine feeling of ‘recognised newness’. Think modern/ graphic life/ irregular shapes/ brush strokes/ cut & paste.

This theme has the values; geometric, simplistic, modern, collage and quirky.

Scanned Memory
A simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life; away from consumption, stress and rigid must haves towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. Think x-rays/ see through chic/ lightness and delicacy.

This themes key characteristics is fragile, emotion, nature, pure and simplistic.

Urban Beat
Urban Beat depicts a dynamic raw energy with a gritty undertone. A modern metro- an edgy course, cool approach to design. Street strength/ graffiti/ industrial materials.

The value for this theme is; industrial, grungy, bold, urban, energetic and graffiti.

Initally  I wanted to start with ‘Re-e-val-u-8’, with my own twist on the chosen themes. This was before speaking to Lucy Richardson who is in charge of this digital module. I was firstly going to use my previous work and apply it to digital with fiting the theme, this meant I would be ignoring some parts of the description and only choosing key words, however when having it explained to me I quickly changed my thought process as I was heading in the wrong direction, and decided it was beneficial to simply read the trends for what they were and not my own interpretation.


I started to create a pinterest board for ‘Urban Beat’ as it seemed like my kind of trend! I enjoy living in the City and thought there will be a lot out there I can take pictures of especially industrial and graffiti. I will start to take images to work from as soon as I can as I really want to focus on these key values:

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

Below is my trend board on pinterest. These images captured my eye for ‘Urban Beat’ and when I re-read over the values I associate these images with them.


We eventually have to create two mood boards, colour and trend.
We can use magazines, books, sketches and dafont if we want to include any text within them. The hardest part I find about these mood boards is having a model within them. It’s tricky to find the right one wearing the right clothes and expression on their face.



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