Thinking about colour palettes: 

I started to create a colour palette with the marbling technique. I wanted to focus on the particular words of ‘Urban Beat’ as it’s

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

Some of the colours were darker in the pots, so they didn’t come out as anticipated, however some were really successful and convey the values I want to portray in Urban Beat. The second image is my favourite combination of colours as the red and blue go really well together and do create a sense of energy as the lights in an underground station or train station are often those colours. The fifth image is also a variation of colours I like, and think work well together. The grungyness of the green mixed with the bright energetic pink creates the urban vibe of living in the city where there is juxtaposition of graffiti and industrialisation of dark and bright colours.


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