Introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop: Today’s session with Steve was very relaxed as it was just an introduction to Photoshop. I can’t wait to learn more complex things to gain more skills as a textile designer and progress further ready for second and third year! We were creating layers and using the shape tool to create a simplistic pattern. My current digital design doesn’t link in with the trend I’ve chosen as I haven’t taken any first hand imagery for ‘Urban Beat’ yet, however, my plan is to do that on Wednesday. (Because my friend is able to drive me around!) I’m going to visit abandoned buildings to gain inspiration for the trend and hopefully take some amazing shots with my Nikon. I want to capture interesting colours within the grungy, dilapidated buildings.

For now, I chose simplistic designs and was generally getting used to the software as I’ve only ever used Photoshop to edit my own photographs. As colour palettes are key to a successful design I made sure to choose colours that go well together. Below are the outcomes I managed to produce within the time we had. I would like to progress further with this and efficiently as it’s so useful and very exciting!

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The first two designs were minimalistic with no background what so ever, then I started to play around and made a background of stripes and polka dots, I found this to be really affective as it enhanced the front layer a lot. I will keep this in mind when creating upcoming designs for ‘Urban Beat’.

Illustrator:  I really enjoyed looking at illustrator as it’s fun and you can be really creative and manipulate the shape tool. We were playing around with the shapes and changing the colours, also the outline. I liked this the most as you could get a textured piece by doing this. We also learnt how to group shapes to make them become one when moving it across the canvas. I really enjoy learning new things as I haven’t used illustrator before. My designs were simplistic, I decided to stick to rustic colours for ‘Urban Beat’. Below are two different images of the pieces I was working on. The circles below were grouped which made everything easier. I also really like the colour palette in these pieces.



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