Urban Beat; Mood Boards

When collecting imagery from Pinterest for my mood board, I was looking at certain qualities and aspects of ‘Urban Beat’. The following:

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

I’m not that confident with the tools on Photoshop yet, so I started off by adding all of the imagery I found to make a simplistic board. I wanted it to cover the values listed above as much as it possibly could. I edited a few and created torn and ragged edges. I didn’t make a plan at first as I wanted to see what the images would look like by just re-arranging them. The first session this is what my mood board was starting to look like:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.02.54

However, it looks very simplistic and too easy to be digitalized. I need to make the most of using digital to show my skills and utilize the programme. I then thought of ways I could manipulate each image more and use less, as I had 14 layers and it was becoming to crowded. I then started to zoom in, enlarge images and use tools to cut and erase certain areas. I wanted the focus of the mood board to be straight to the point with less images and more of a grungy look. I started again and was much happier with my existing piece. This is where I left the mood board at the end of the session, I am now looking to add more images and possibly sharpen the edges on each piece. I will also start looking at colour and how it’s effects the mood.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.03.06


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