Boys Village

Me and my two friends ventured out to Boys Village as we thought it would be really good for Urban Beat. We found the abandonded place really easy surprisingly. The entrance was over grown so we had to climb over some logs and a broken fence. Boys Village was a holiday camp in West Aberthaw. Thebuildings included a dining hall, dormitories, a gym, swimming pool, workshops and a church. I had always known about this area but never experienced it for myself so I was amazed and was enjoying taking photos of it. It had previous owners who had used it for a farm, but in 2008 it was taken over by airsoft enthusiasts but with no on-site security it soon became a target for graffiti, arson and vandalism. The future plan is to knock the buildings down and re-create a new site. I think demolishing this site is unfortunate for upcoming generations, as it’s always exciting going to a place you know is abandoned and you shouldn’t be there. It’s also good for photoshoots and to see what the area was actually like.



This image is one of my favourites. I really like the colours within this piece. I edited it on photoshop to increase the levels and exposure. I find this image to have an impact as the meaning behind it is quite dark. ‘I watched you burn’ Is also ironic as the building had a collapsed roof due to arson and is now left so unstructured. I think this image has more than one meaning behind it and it can be interpretated in so many ways.


This building was my favourite out of the six remanining. This was where the dorms were. The shower rooms were tiny and full of graffiti. Some of it reminded me of banksy as it was about conttevertial topics. Some of it was humurous. There were no windows, or any doors. Everything was crumbling inside and the stairwell to get upstairs had no wall on the left hand side. It was dangerous being in there but so exciting. I liked all of the graffiti, it was interesting and somewhat inspiring. I was trying to look for colours I can use within my Urban Beat project for digital. It was very eerie being in here.


This was the view inside of the building in the image above. You can probably see why this was my favourite building. Capturing and being in this moment was just very incredible for me as I havent visited anything like this before. The juxtaposition of light and dark through the long corridor makes the image really powerful. Also the doorway at the end which you can see, is so dilapitated which also gives it an overall feel of eerieness.


This image was taken in the Gym. I didn’t like the original image as it was dull, so I edited it on photoshop and made it brighter and cropped out everything else. I don’t know why but this stood out to me so  I had to photograph it. It actually said ‘Deadly’ but someone must have gone over it in black paint and got rid of the remaning words ‘ly’ so it now just says ‘Dead’. I found this to have an impact as well.


This is very industrial, it was rusting and you can see the textures within the handle and brick work. I took a close up of this railing that was left on the wall, with no stairs to go with it so you couldn’t get upstairs from this side. I increased the colour to make it more orange as I think thats a colour I want to use in my own work. I also edited it and made it a dark pink colour.

Handle copy

I think both images give that grungy and industrialisation feel to it.


I am aboslutely so pleased with this image! I love the rust combined with the blue and red graffiti. The contrast of colours really appeals to me. You can also see on the right side of the image, there is some cracking of the surface. This was a close up of a boiler which was in one of the rooms.  This is also a possibility of a colour palette for me.


I changed the colour drastically within this piece to try and match my colour interest. I just want dark and grungy colours mixed with a few bright, like this cyan colour. I found this piece to remind me of Banksy. Simply because within his work he is a political activist and anonymous. No one had marked their name or initial from their graffiti piece like I’ve usually seen in Cardiff City Centre. The unknown quality to it was very appealing and I just wanted to take a photo. Of course graffiti is illegal, so the sense of rebellion fits in with my values. There is also a sense of dark humour in Banksys work, which links in with most of what I saw today. ‘Alive’ written inside the shape of a human figure with the distressed paint strokes coming from it suggests something dark.

Rust Railing

I tried to edit this image on Photoshop, but I don’t think I’ve quite got there yet with completing it. I used the selection tool and magic tool to get rid of the greenery that was behind the brick walls. I didn’t want to include any of that in with this piece as Urban Beat focuses on the industrialisation, which clearly the rural area would take away that effect. I wanted the focal point of this image to be the rusting bar that was spiraling around in the centre of the brick walls. I love this as it’s just so grungy and industrial. Hopefully when I use photoshop more I can combine this image with another to create collage.

I had a really pleasant day exploring Boy’s Village. We must have been there for about 2 hours. Although the area was smaller than expected, there was just so much to see.


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