Urban Beat; Mood Board Development


Above is my mood board for ‘Urban Beat’ after developing my Photoshop skills. After creating my first mood board I was really unhappy with it as it looked very ‘cut and paste’, like I could have produced it by hand. So with my following mood boards  I wanted to utilise Photoshop and really show my full potential of using it. So I focussed on cropping and cutting the images I had. The girl on the left was completely cut out of the background and the Railway station to the right was cut in half, by doing this it really does make the image stand out and the aesthetic is more pleasing. I really enjoyed utilising the magic wand tool and selection as it enabled me to for fill my goal of manipulating the images. The three lights I found to be most difficult as I didn’t realise how time consuming it was. I got there eventually as I wanted the roundness of the light to keep its circular shape, whereas before I made it really angular and straight edged. I also found a perfect background image to fill the mood board so it didn’t look plain. I then changed the opacity and added graffiti in the background and also at the top behind the lights I added a graffiti sofa. I absolutely love this part of the mood board as it really stands out, the contrast of the light and dark images create a great effect for Urban Beat. Overall I am happy with this, and for my next steps for this project I need to work on producing a colour board that will show my colour scheme for my upcoming designs.


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