Urban Beat; Experimentation with colour palettes

When starting my colour board, I wanted to try out various colours from three of my images which are below. Two are from the Photoshoot from Boys Village, and the other is of my mark making I had done in last terms.

I enjoyed using the pipette tool and selecting colours to make colour chips. When using this skill over and over I became so used to it, I decided to type in the correct CMYK to have the exact colour from the pantone. I was going to start off with the bottom left image as my colour scheme, I liked the rust, red, and cyan colour, I thought the combination was strong and would depict Urban Beat, however, the top image of the railing handle stood out to me more and thats how I made my decision to have a pop of colour, being the yellow from the railway. I think it’s good to experiment before finalising a colour palette as it helps to make a clear picture of what colours you want. The dark pink contrasting with the yellow convey juxtaposition. The two colours you wouldn’t normally associate with each other conveys the grungy, rebellion, energetic trend I’m working with.


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