Urban Beat; Experimentation with Illustrator

I wanted to depict Urban Beat through my potential design idea. After looking through the pantones I decided on the colours in the image above. The colours I have chosen are dark which is definitely what I was going for. It’s grungy and depicts urban beat in a way of being rebellious.  I added the yellow hue from the inspiration of the railway. I wanted the pop of colour to give it a feeling of vibrant energy. I think these mix of colours are inevitable for the trend as they fit the values so well.

The brush strokes are also significant as the ridged outline gives it a wild and energetic feel as some of the strokes are never ending and expand in different angles and directions. The second image is where I experimented with shapes, the hexagon  shape is taken from the inspiration of the bolts that have been apart of my research. Again, using the colours from the pantone I expanded the hexagons in various directions, angles and made each one a different size. This conveys the rebellion and straight structure of the hexagon implies urbanisation.


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