Self Assesment

Reflecting on Key Areas

Before our feedback tomorrow we have been asked to look at this list beforehand so we are prepared with the questions.

I’d say my strengths so far are colour. I am strong at choosing a powerful colour palette. I also have strength in digital skills as they are positively progressing. I also have photography skills which I want to develop and incorporate into my work for third year. Mood Boards are also becoming a strength with digital skills provided.

Areas to be developed are writing a Hypothetical Design Commission Brief. Professionalism in mounting – as I have no yet stitched headers which I am in need of doing ready for third year. Also I want to learn the various ways to mount work and what looks best. Also what size your sample should be.  I also need to research about Press Packs. I would like to be able to screen print a repeat pattern in third year as well as I haven’t been taught this.  Also I will need to develop CAD visuals over the summer as well as I need to keep on drawing.

I found Part One to be very de-motivating as there was 10 weeks on researching a company. I think if research was perhaps done in the summer, or cut down for Part One, I would’ve been motivated to build up a technical file of experimentations to build up to the final collection. Although research is definitely important, I feel it could’ve been shorter. I found it uninspiring. Having a formative point in Part Two was very helpful as I wouldn’t have considered change within my collection and wouldn’t have been inspired to make another body of work of sketches. It helped my work grow for Part Three, as during this I was really motivated after receiving a satisfactory to become better and to push myself for a better grade and to produce more work that I am now proud of.


  • 30 Day challenge – Drawing
  • Keep a sketchbook going
  • Photography Trips
  • Research for Consultant brief
  • Use other mediums such as oil paint, oil pastel, water colour
  • Keep up with digital skills
  • Practice and watch CAD visual videos to improve on
  • Research Trips – visit other areas for inspiration

I also hope we will get feedback on what the tutors think our strengths are as well and what they think we need to develop.


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