Pantone References

After re-writing my HDCB I was contemplating taking out ‘Cool Grey’ as I was unsure if it went with the collection, however I decided to keep it as I think it separates the hazy colour scheme and gives it a pop of calmness within the colour palette. I have used a range of pinks, oranges, teals, and purple. The colour palette for me was decided during Part One and I hadn’t amended it too much, just different Pantone References. During Part One I researched from WGSN that a hazy colour palette was an upcoming trend. This encouraged my palette further even though I think the colours are perfect for my brief and what I plan to do and with the meaning of this collection.

pantone reference COMPLETE
Pantone References
pantone reference 2 COMPLETE
Pantone References

C O L O U R  P S Y C H O L O G Y

The meaning of each colour within my colour palette.

Looking at the colour psychology, what they mean and how they make you feel can have an impact on design, this is why I wanted to be so articulate with the colour choice as it is such an important device within textile design. I chose the colours due to their meanings and how they make me feel, and also how well they go together. The colour palette ranges from harmonious to discord, I have created a contrast by doing this. I have found an interesting article by Jennifer Bourn on the meaning of colour.

The pink I have chosen is a strong colour. It is a colour that inclines red and purple. Pink is generally a delicate colour that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. This is mostly for the lighter shade of pink. I have used a darker tone within my palette as I didn’t want a pastel colour palette and I didn’t want to use the standard pink. The range of pinks are fiery and bright colours that can enhance anyones mood. It gives happy and cheery vibes, which is what I want my collection to convey.


I have used various shades of orange in my palette also, ranging from a rust orange to regular orange and a metallic copper. The blend of red and yellow, orange is a mixture of the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow. Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression, and fascination. I agree with all of those definitions by BOURN. Orange is definitely a colour that shoes warmth and joy. It is associated with summer and also the autumn due to the colours of the leaves that fall. My collection will be for the autumn 2019, which fits perfectly for my collection.


In my colour palette I have used a dark and light turquoise, I wanted to use harmonious shades of this colour. It is the blend of the colour blue and green, which is where it gets the cool and calming feel from. The colour turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty. My target market is for the sophisticated, and spiritual client and with turquoise I can really get this across to them and bring this to their homes as well as tranquility and energy.


This is the combination of blue and the fierce energy of red. It is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. This is a rare colour in nature and as a result is often seen as having sacred meaning. Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered delicate and precious. It has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, enhancing the sacred, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity. I think BOURN covers the meaning of these colours perfectly within her article.


This colour effects the mind and body by causing unsettling feelings. Light grays are feminine in nature, while dark greys are masculine in nature. Formal and sophistication is associated with the colour grey, as well as melancholy due to the dark tones. However, I am using the grey with various colours that are bright, so this won’t be an issue for my colour palette as the pop of grey will be used in my palette to enhance and stand out from the other hazy colours.

For a very interesting read, visit Jennifer Bourn’s colour psychology section on this article to be inspired just like I have!


Inspiration board

P R I N T  R O O M  E X P E R I M E N T A T I O N

Unfortunately Steve Murray wasn’t available today and was absent, although we were still allowed in the print room I wasn’t able to dye the fabrics in the dye baths. Also due to the timing of the year there are also no leaves on the trees or ground! So I couldn’t do anything that was on my schedule for today, however this didn’t stop my plan as I then started to experiment with colour and texture for my board in the studio to gain inspiration. I didn’t want to leave without having accomplished something, I wanted to get on with work and below are the images of my experimentation.

The last image above was just simply mark making. I put the paint on glass and then got the roller to roll the paint on it then adapted this to paper. This is why the background is randomly placed and fading colour due to the paint being on the roller, I like this affect and the aesthetic of this. I then used trees and bark as my inspiration, close up imagery of this replicates the pink thin strokes. I used a scraper, you can see in the top left image to get this mark. I placed it in the pink paint and then placed the lines all over the teal background. This was inspired by the bark in a tree.

I also made a quick lino print, however I’m not exactly pleased with it as I know I can do so much better so I decided to work on this more at home when I generate more design concepts from my imagery. The other images are mark making to create texture using my colour scheme. I have used majority of these for my board in the textile studio to give me some inspiration. I will carry on with gathering imagery for this. I am also going to cut fabric samples to show on my board as well. I already have my final fabrics so my plan is to cut little pieces off to create a colour swatch for my inspiration board.

Schedule Update

For some reason in my feedback from Part One, it was mentioned that my schedule wasn’t present within my HDCB, when in fact it was. However I am deciding on changing it as some of the things I set out to do I’ve either already done it, or I am no longer able to.  For example, I was planning on going to Swansea botanical gardens, however with the short time limit of this module I’m no longer able to go that far. I am just going to visit the Roath Botanical gardens instead. It is closer and I’m able to visit without any limitations.

-Update HDCB
-Change mood boards

Collate images from Bute Park*, Roath Botanical Garden*, and Cefn On Park.
(Draw on site) 
-Mark Making in sketchbook, scan designs in Photoshop, experimentation. *
-Sample Batik, Heat transfer (collect leaves and natural substances), Dye organza. *
-Print Studio visit, question about acetate. *
-Draw from images and paint. (Sketchbook)*

(Things I still need to finish before the end of this week in bold)

Above is my overall week one schedule. As Steve is off from Uni I am unsure if I can get the samples from the batik and heat press done yet, however if I am unable to I can do more of the drawings and sketches I need to do. I have already been to Cefn On Park and have taken a photoshoot so I can already start drawing from those! Which I am excited about as sometimes I often forget to draw when I am doing my digital work such as mood boards.

I am unsure if I want to use batik, but I may use it for some samples on my fabric inspiration board. I am also not going to Swansea now, but instead Roath which I’m sure is just as good! (I’ve never been before..) As soon as I have visited I will upload my photoshoots! I am considering making a photo book for this project as well, as I simply love photography and it is an important feature to my design concepts.

So far:

I’ve re-done my mood boards, updated my HDCB and have visited Cefn On Park. For the rest of this week I aim to get my other ideas done ready for next week. By the evening I hope to have sketches and drawings from Cefn On Park. I also have some fabric ready for the final collection too. I am going to wash them tonight and ready to iron tomorrow if Steve isn’t in, at least I can get on with something else in the stitch room.

P E R S O N A L  S C H E D U L E 

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 15.20.19

Above is my new and improved schedule for the next three weeks. I am excited as it seems to be pretty full with things to do, it will keep me busy and hopefully allow me to get my collection completed as quickly and efficiently as I can. I am excited to see the outcome of my work as I know I can work with a fast pace due to last terms business module. I have to include it in my own work now. I have set the three weeks at a high standard to allow myself for time if anything should go wrong as we have a total of five weeks. I want to give myself enough time to create everything at a high standard.

Professional Practise; Anna Gravelle

Bespoke Made to order Commission 

Instruct or Command

This morning there was a lecture by Anna Gravelle. I was keen to go to this even though it was a 9am start! I believe this is something I’d want to do and could look into for the future. It must be great to have people coming up to you and asking about your work to be commissioned for their own personal space. It was key from the start whenever delivering a presentation you should stand up. Anna mentioned private and public clients and how if you enjoy working to a set brief or fixed deadlines then this is something to look into.

I really enjoyed field first year as we were given a set brief, the same with the digital module, although the only problem I found with the set brief is that sometimes they can be so structured that the person who set it has an ideal image of what they want the work to look like. This is the only downfall for me personally as other than that I found it pleasing to work towards something.

Bespoke is made to order, which makes it individual and personal to the client. They know that their commission is going to be special, different and unique. I am hoping to do New Designers when I’m in my third year, Anna said that we have to be prepared for this, its good to either have a discussion with the client the following week if they take an interest in your work, or prepare a leaflet or something similar with a bit of context on commissions so that the client knows a little about you before going any further.

Comission Toolkit: 
Design Fee
The Brief
Display & Installation
Contractual Right

Above are the key features to a commission. I found this lecture very helpful and interesting. Anna also gave us some helpful tips on certain websites to look.

Natural Soap Making!

The natural soap making workshop was really interesting and at the end we were able to take some soap back home with us which was great. It was in the hospitality suite in the management building at Cardiff Met, run by Green workshop, which is a campaign that thrives for a greener lifestyle within Cardiff. Their goal is to make it greener and by doing so they run various activities such as bee keeping, fixing bikes, up cycling fabrics to make clothing and now soap making. There is a sense of community spirit which I thought was really nice. It was also pleasant to see a great turn out, there were quite a few of us!

At first I was a bit disappointed as we couldn’t make the soap ourselves, but as the process was started I understood why. The lady from Seren Soaps was demonstrating to us as she has her own business and now makes soap using natural ingredients, she explained thats why her soap isn’t cheap! We had a starter activity and we had to match the ingredients with the different brand of soap. We had Johnston’s baby soap, dove, and two others which I hadn’t even heard of. I use dove myself so it was shocking to see the ingredients they use, and the lady had referred to them as detergents.

After this starter activity it was crazy to see the correct answers. We then had a break as there were snacks on the table for us. Then we got to the soap making, and if I’m being honest I didn’t realise the science behind it, or the maths! When really it is a combination of both due to the substances used and the correct measurements. We learnt that to make soap there has to be a mixture of liquid, fats, lye solution, sodium hydroxide and distilled water. These combined make the soap. It is important to wear goggles and a face mask as well as gloves to protect your skin.

SH: 142 Grams
Distilled water: 367 grams
Mix both together, stir and put to one side. Fumes should rise, then you have to get the thermometer and check the temperature to see how hot it is getting, it raised drastically from 43 to 63 and then to 70 degrees.
Palm oil: 250 grams
Coconut oil: 300 grams
Both of these temperatures must be at 40 degrees.

It was interesting to see the colour as well as the flavour. We mixed a  dark violet colour as the soap was lavender scented. I was so pleased with being able to take the soap home, and we had to put it to bed and keep turning it every now and then for a month, and thats when we’re able to use it, otherwise it could irritate our skin as it isn’t ready. We were also given a sample of earl grey tea soap as well. I am excited to use this!


Re-considering my mood boards

From last term I received a lot of neutral feedback for my HDCB and mood boards, it wasn’t the best feedback I have had but there is always room for improvement. I am going to slightly enhance them to make sure they exceed my full potential. A lot was said about my colour board and how it didn’t really convey the mood and also the colour pantones weren’t clear, this is unfortunate as I wanted to stick with the mark making theme to show my colour scheme and not just stick with a simplistic shape.  I wanted to be different and stick with the theme of my brief and portray my colour in a daring way. However this isn’t possible due to certain mistakes. I also think the silhouette image of the trees isn’t very strong and I will use a nature image from Cefn Onn Park, Thornhill.

C O L O U R  B O A R D

Here is my first colour board from Part One:Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.21.51

I have still used my own imagery, as I find photography crucial as a designer. I have just enhanced it to make it more suitable for the client so they are able to read it clearly. I also used a better image for the background that was taken from my NIKON D3100 and not my iPhone. For my boards I want my images to be high end and the best quality they can be.

Here is my second colour board i’m working on for Part Two:Coloour one

Although this isn’t my finalised colour board, I wanted to showcase my experimentations with picturing how all of the colours look once on a board together, and if they are still the colours I want to use. I really like the light and dark contrasts, and some of the colours are harmonious as they are close together on the colour wheel, creating that calm feeling. The contrasting colours convey the sense of energy. I am also using a metallic colour within my scheme, which is copper/bronze. I am going to continue working on this board until I get it perfect.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.19.38

Above I have grouped my colour swatches together, to show the harmonious colour scheme I am using within this collection as well as the contrasting pinks with teals. So far this is my desired layout.

C L I E N T  B O A R D 

This board was the one that was over crowded. Admittedly there was a lot going on and perhaps distracting and not clear enough. When I re-opened the photoshop file for the first time today I saw that there were so many layers due to all the imagery. I started to hide images and see if the board looked better without them.

Here is my first client board from Part One:
Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.22.06

Although I really liked this board due to the botanical imagery, and opacity, I decided to use less and make it more bold.

Here is my second client board from Part Two:
NEW Client Board

With this board I took out the food, and changed the garden restaurant image to another one that had a higher resolution. I also edited the plant on the left, I used the magic wand tool to take out the other plant pot so there was just one. I also added fruit in the top left corner as my clientele is based in the city, but likes to get away in the countryside and lives a healthy lifestyle. My clientele is also of the older generation and female. Although the target market for Harlequin is of those who have a sense of individuality in a courageous way.

I wanted to include the garden restaurants in London as this is where my clientele is based, and enjoys nature. The book-shelf is also relevant as it shows maturity, and there is also a Chanel book in the book-shelf which indicates someone of the older age and it also conveys sophistication. There is also Hendricks gin as well, and from my experience of working in a bar I know that this is a very popular drink with people of this age criteria and those who have money. These images were key features for my clientele, I just feel that perhaps the background colour needs to be reduced with the opacity and then it will be completed.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.22.24.png

Whilst looking at all of my boards together, I came to realise that the background was the issue. At first I thought it was the perfect colour, but now I am noticing that it doesn’t exactly match my theme and I have gone for a copper and teal background instead with a mark making feel to the surface pattern. I am liking my client board a lot more now and think that it suits my overall theme and mood. I also noticed that throughout my boards the crimson and hot pink pantones were quite strong and I needed to include a different colour. Teal is also the colour of refreshing, calming and sophisticated. As well as creativity and spititual grounding which is exactly what I’m going for.

M O O D  B O A R D

I wanted to enhance my mood board and get rid of some imagery that didn’t exactly fit.

First mood board from Part One:
Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 19.29.50

Second mood board from Part Two:
Theme board final

Here I have the oriental, silhouette feature of nature and a geometric pattern to show what mood I want to convey. I have used my own imagery on the right with the ink drops. I reduced the opacity and removed the one on the top left as I feel like it was taking over the board too much and didn’t need to be there. I am going to show these to my tutors before I print them off to get a finalised opinion on them, they are still a working progress but I feel I can definitely get them finished this week.

C O M P E T I T O R  B O A R D

My competitor board didn’t need any drastic adjustments, I just enhanced the background of the text

Here is my competitor board from Part One:
Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.58.24 2

Here is my competitor board for Part Two:
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.51.18.png

I used the brush tool to apply a soft water colour background so that the text would stand out and is easy to read.

Library session


Today was the first day back since November in my own subject, Textiles, which was quite exciting even though I know there is so much work to be done this term. I am happy to be back in textiles as I still believe there is so much more for me to learn. I came back with fresh ideas for my theme, I am not changing my ideas just enhancing some features I have missed out. As I am focussing my project on mark making, I gathered some imagery below from a book called ‘Paint on paper’ although I am not using paper for my project, I thought looking at this will kickstart my ideas for design concepts using mark making.

Angie Franke, 2008, Paint on paper, Ohio, David & Charles

Although the colour schemes may not link directly to mine, I have decided to use the imagery to gain inspiration as this book explains further techniques on how to use certain objects to help with your mark making as well as resists, although I knew most of them it was still nice to see new and interesting ideas for me to try in my sketchbook. The use of batik, bleach, bubbles, folding, and dyes are used within the images below:


I also looked at a water colour book by Shirley Trevena as it featured florals. For my theme I am still using orientals and botanicals and using the silhouette and stylised approach to my work, I just liked how you could see the imagery of the flowers that was taken and how it was then conveyed in a water colour painting. It stood out to me as the flowers were adapted to suit the water colour style.

Shirley Trevena, 2006, Vibrant Watercolours, London, Collins

I liked the bleeding of the colours within the water colours, and they are quite vibrant which is something I want to convey in mine as well as calm and soothing colours with high energy. Below are the images I took most inspiration from below.


I also looked at a surface and pattern design book, Elizabeth Wilhide. I was just looking through to see if anything caught my eye and there were a few particular images that I found were interesting and stood out to me the most.

Elizabeth Wilhide, 2007, Surface and finish, London, Quadrille

Images below:


I looked at these because of the geometrics and the silhouette outline of the florals and botanical design as it closely links to my theme. The last image with the stylised design with various colour ways stood out to me as it is interesting to see something in a various colour way as it can completely change the design and make it appear different. I am going to do that with my design concepts, as I am interested in doing a digital stitch design onto sheer organza, so I will definitely use a different colour way for the thread but the same fabric. I am starting to gain so many ideas from looking at various pattern, mark making and paint books.

I am so glad I have picked up the Print, Pattern & Colour book by Ruth Isset. I found it so helpful I have decided to buy it for my own personal use. I have scanned some of the key images I found inspiring but I found it very helpful as the book goes on to explain tips and certain ideas for your printing process. Such as:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.57.16

I am so glad I came across this as I had used laminated sheets and clear acetate in my foundation. It was so much easier to print onto. I used to stick the acetate down at the top with brown tape to make sure it was secure. I would then use my screen and print on top of the acetate. Let this dry and then use the acetate with my print on top to then help me negotiate where to put my fabric to get the desired outcome. We had wooden blocks that would latch onto the screen so we could lift it up and down without it moving, unfortunately we don’t have that here so I will have to think of a way to stop my screen from moving and placing it down as carefully as I can when the acetate is there.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.55.39Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.56.12

This book also had a section about choosing colour and the names of the fabric printing mediums. I am really pleased I found this book in the library because I have found a section on bronze powder too. This colour is apart of my colour scheme. I am going to check with Steve Murray as soon as I’m able to if he has knowledge of this bronze powder and I will get some online, the only trouble with this is that there isn’t much time. This book also showcased a lot of tips with how to make marks with using the roller for lino printing. The geometric and energetic colour schemes stood out to me:


I feel like within my colour scheme, this is a similar approach to my design concepts. I want to combine the bold geometric prints with the botanical and oriental theme.


Ruth Issett
Year published: 2007
Book title: Print, pattern and colour for paper and fabric
City: London
Publisher: Batsford

Mind Your Own Business



My Micro-Business Experience and self reflection.

TEAM 3 –


To sum these past few weeks up would be crazy, stressful, hard, but completely amazing. I had such a great time and can’t say anything bad about my team during our micro business module. We all worked hard and tried the best we could to complete things on time and to the best of our ability. Whenever a task was given to us we wouldn’t refuse to do it, if there was an issue we would confront the team to get it resolved as quickly as we could so we could get on with our individual tasks. We didn’t argue, but if there was a slight disagreement we would all have our own opinion and talk about it like adults. It was actually quite refreshing actually. Within my creative collective there were different characters with various opinions. It was interesting to see how different people viewed things. I liked this as if we had all agreed on everything it could get boring! Although there was a slight clash with certain members. I guess this is what it’s like in the real world so I can’t complain too much.

During the weeks of deciding on products, coming up with concept ideas, it was nice we all had an input into our logo, brand, name, and product range as well as our values. We made sure to make it fair, as we all wanted to include or specialist skills to get the most out of our products and really show off our skills. I enjoyed the team work as I didn’t have a difficult team, although saying that towards the end it got difficult due to being under pressure, I think anyway. We were mostly punctual, but unfortunately sometimes I found that some of our members were unable to commit to the hours that were demanded, mostly through no fault of their own. It was either illness or other commitments outside of university. Although this was an issue we still managed to contact through social media.

It was nice to work with the two textiles girls as I hadn’t spoke to them before, so I have now made friends that I can definitely see and keep talking to and share more experiences with. For the product designer and maker, it was really great to see their mind of how they work and see all of their skills mixed in with the textiles.

It was nice to also experience the difficult part of the business too. Which was things not going to plan and working, and things not exceeding our expectations. For example, for me personally, some things went wrong like the laser had stopped working and I had to figure out how to get it back to working as this then took up more of my time where I could be doing something else, the same with screen printing. I found that I had to do things alone quite a lot of the time as well, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would get done a lot quicker if there was help, although people had other commitments a lot of the time and left early. It was interesting to learn how things can go wrong and you have to have a back up plan so that you don’t fail. I liked this as I am a happy person so I had to make something good out of the bad situation.

The sales event was honestly one of the best university experiences of my life so far, I can’t lie although I was put off with the CSAD shop location, I feel like the sales event was a success, and even better for us that we managed to get the seedfund back and make a great profit. I had such a good time with everyone, we were all happy when selling and it was such a relief to have positive feedback from students and staff, we even managed to bring people over from the management building to our art school.

Overall, this experience has been pleasant, even the crazy and stressful moments. I can honestly say it was a relief and I felt so over whelmed when everything came together and our products were completed and looked so professional. It was great to see the hard work from us all had paid off and we now understand what a business entails with our micro businesses and I can certainly say that BAG -n- ROLL will definitely stay with me and I can learn from it and take things into subject with me, such as all the work that was done within the 5 weeks, can definitely be put into my own work in subject.

Mind Your Own Business

Final Week

Monday 12th February 2018

Team CU29 and Slab were in the CSAD shop today. So this meant it was no more making for the rest of us as it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Luckily for us our products were completed Sunday night and we were just focusing on other things. As soon as I walked into Uni I noticed the wooden signs that advertised ‘MYOB’ as a module and all of our business names were on this board which I thought looked really cool. I felt a bit more hopeful for our sale day and people actually noticing where we are located. As this was one of the issues I thought we would have from day one. We also went down to see how they had set their shop up to gain some ideas and inspiration.

At 10am I went into the stitch room and we only had some minor tweaks with the bags. We had some finishing touches like the cotton needed to be tidied up, they needed to be ironed and I also brought a roller in to get the excess cotton from the bags. I wanted to make sure they were  as neat and tidy as possible for the customers. Lowri had took three bags home to wash and they were all successful. We were all really pleased today with how far we’ve come in just two weeks of making. As we started to make the bags perfect we had a lot of people coming into us and asking about our bags, some people who we knew and some people who were just in the stitch room. We were having a lot of positive feedback about our bags already, and they were impressed with the quality and the aesthetic of the bag once it was folded. I put the washing instructions inside and made sure they were all in good condition. We then took our pre-order collection into the product design studio to take images to post on our official launch page that the pre-orderes had started, we mentioned how we already sold five bags and they were limited and all individual so people should get down to our sale as early as they can tomorrow. We wanted this to encourage our customers from outside of university to come in.

Images of the pre-ordered bags below: 


Below we were testing the product, we put the leather strap around the backpack handle and then see how well it looked when attached. This was the outcome we were expecting when in the design process, and it was nice to see the creation come to life. The whole idea was so that people won’t need to carry another bag with them.

After we completed the bags, around 5pm we took our stuff down to the CSAD shop and stored the bags and earphone holders inside the lockers. We then put our sign up next to our Duplexity. This is the team we will be selling with.

Images of display:




In the video you can see the acetate and the nice effect it has on our display, the texture and light than shines from it conveys the energy and sophistication of the teal meaning. I am pleased with this and it matches Duplexitys well as we are trying to look like the same shop with various products by two different businesses.

Whilst we were working on the sign, Fatimah and Doaa mentioned another shelf as we had started to put our bags on them and Duplexity had 4 shelves as they will be gluing on the day. It was difficult for us to put another shelf up so we had left this for now.


We loved the look of our bags on the shelves and thought that they looked very professional and very suited to the shop. We will hopefully get another shelf put up for us tomorrow as this will mean the majority of our bags can be put out as they are all different in some way. We will have the earphone holder display on the desk with our price lists. I noticed that the price list weren’t showing up very well as Lowri didn’t want them in front of the earphone holder display, and neither did I. So I thought of a really cool idea, (that I liked anyway), to use the red acetate after all and stick it to the price list. Lowri wasn’t happy with this because of the colour and the fact we had to use double sided tape. However I went along with it anyway and tried it out because I said we weren’t using the acetate anyway so if it goes wrong then we are in no position of a loss.

Outcome of acetate on the price list:


I liked how I made the acetate curve as it went with our brand. It goes with the notion of the ‘ROLL’ as it is curving just like our bags do when they are rolled over. The others had said that maybe it should be flat to the acrylic, however I said we only really need the price to be visible so there is no need for the acetate to be stuck flat to the acrylic as it is now ready for customers to see and read the prices and it also links with our theme of the scroll and curve. I am also pleased that the acetate didn’t go to waste. It also goes with the red colour of our earphone holders. I also bought raspberry during the day and when we were in the shop the girls wanted to see what it would look like on my keys with my earphones actually wrapped around.


I also worked out shifts for us all:

Will & Crystal : 10-12
Lowri & Fatimah : 12-2
Lowri & Doaa : 2-4
Will & Crystal: 4-5.30

I am unsure if we will close at 5 or 5.30 tomorrow, it depends on if we sell out or not, but I have given us all shifts so we all get to experience the shop. I wanted it to be as fair as it could be. As I am in at 10, I plan on getting to Uni for 8am tomorrow. This is to set up and lay out all our products and get prepared ready for 10am when we are officially open. During the times we aren’t in shift, we need to focus on the financial forecast and the physical evidence of us all in the shop.

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Imagery of our display: 


Today was our sale day. I came in at 9.15 am, Will and Lowri were setting up and they were stuffing the bags to make them look more attractive and stick to their shape. We were pleased with this the bags looked so good. I can honestly say I was so pleased and impressed with mine and my teams effort for this business. We all worked very hard to get to this stage. We had a lot of customers compliment our bags and they were even more intrigued when they saw them unrolled as well. We let the customer feel the bag and asked them which bag was their favourite and we grabbed it for them and let them see it for themselves.

The morning was quite busy and we had a lot of customers. After 2pm it was quite quiet, but then it started to pick up again. A lot of people didn’t have any money on them which was unfortunate. People also went for the earphone holders as they were affordable and less pricey, the guys also liked these more I feel. Only three males bought into our bags today, however we have 7 left to sell and just over 20 earphone holders left to sell. We found that the red earphone holder, raspberry, was very popular and we sold out of that colour quickly. As we have remaining products left we are going to do an ‘after’ sale in the SU or management building tomorrow. Doaa, Fatimah and Lowri will be in tomorrow selling the rest of our products. Lowri also had customers for our cut off from the fabric and our cellophane packaging which is also good as we don’t want to waste anything. I am pleased with todays outcome as we have made the seedfund back and also made a profit. We have all worked really hard to get to this stage, and I was having doubts during the production of these products, however the sale day has turned it around and we have almost sold out. Our bags were popular with staff and students today and it was nice to see people who we weren’t familiar with buy our products and be so happy with them. We have received good feedback and I don’t think the sale could have gone any better.

Physical Evidence: 


It was great to be selling with Duplexity as our products were such a nice contrast and both businesses were completely original and bespoke. It was also nice to have customers come up to us and buy something from each of us as we collaborated so well. At one point we had a customer come up and talk to Duplexity about their products, then Anda had said that their customer also wanted to know about our bags. It was a great experience to collaborate with.



Above was our advertisement next to the stairs that lead to the first floor. A lot of people had said we were smart for getting the sweets to bring people in. I feel we all had so much fun during the shift. I got on well with my team and we worked so hard together an it had all paid off in the end as we had managed to sell majority of our stock.

I loved Duplexity’s desk organisers, however, there wasn’t enough room on my desk to have one and I must admit my desk isn’t that tidy and I feel like their product wouldn’t be no good for me but I loved their designs so much I bought one of their coasters as they didn’t have any wall hanging pieces left in the colour red.


More images:

Wednesday 14th February 2018


Today the girls had permission to sell in the SU, so thankfully to them they were free to do this for us, and we managed to sell a bag, as a woman requested a red one and as we still have that fabric left over as well as the tag and button, the woman had ordered a red bag from us from the girls. As I wasn’t able to make it in I am unsure if it is a definite sale, regardless it is great as it shows people are interested in our products.

Thursday 15th February 2018

Today was our final day of this module. It was the pitch infront of the panel. I wasn’t nervous for this as I knew we had a great product we just needed to explain our concept and reasoning as clearly and coherently as possible. We decided as a group we didn’t want to cross over and talk too much that we put the panel off so we would choose designated speakers to choose and talk about our products. I was happy with this as there is nothing worse than all talking at once. We wanted to be professional. The panel loved our product and it went down really well, and in the afternoon we managed to sell another 5 bags. It was pleasing to say that from all of the hard work we had put in, we made £79 in profit between the 5 of us.

Our instagram followers and posts at the end of this project: 

It was also really nice to gain followers that were independent companies and other businesses liking our products and taking an interest in what we’re doing as well as our friends.

bag n roll site

Will had also sold the remaining 5 bags we had, which was excellent. We were all so happy at this point and relieved at the success of our micro-business. I am still getting feedback from people around the university and some of my friends, especially the ones who were in Rajistan, some of them really love our bags and wish they could have one. I am gutted we can’t carry this business on, but it is amazing news to know that if we did carry on, our business would definitely sell and be successful.

Mind Your Own Business

Week Five

Tuesday 6th February 2018

I guess I nominated myself to look after the business plan as I had already completed section 1,2,3, and 4. However this wasn’t an issue to me as I am a fast at typing and enjoy writing and have a strong background in English Literature. I also thought I would make the first step as I was eager to make a start on it as it is quite daunting. I would rather get it done out of the way especially after reading it I had realised that we can start it now as it won’t be as hectic towards the end.

I had made a start and already covered section 1,2,3 and 4. I had sent this to the group chat so everyone could read it and see if it sounds okay so far and see if they liked and agreed with what I put. The group were more than happy for me to do the business plan as some had said they struggled with wording, so I said it was fine for me to write it up as I like this sort of thing.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Today was really busy, some of us were in the wood workshop and the some of us were on the laser cutter and the others were in the stitch room. I found it difficult as we were having to swap between rooms and I was worried about misplacing our things but it was good that we all had something to do to contribute to our business. After the tags for the bags had been laser cut, I sanded them and then dipped them in water resist wax. I had dipped them all and made a line to hang them on whilst they dry so they didn’t stick to anything or get damaged.  I am glad I worked with wood as well as just the fabric as it was out of my comfort zone and it was great to have various things that came together really nicely. I think the tag names look a lot more personal and fit in with the wooden buttons rather than just a screen printed logo. Below you can see the technique used:

After the real leather situation, I was worried how the girls in the stitch room were going to pull the fake leather off. We have actually received feedback on this leather that even though its not real it has a good quality towards it and doesn’t look cheap or tacky. We were happy about this as our values was to upcycle and repurpose materials and we had already bought this leather that came to £4 within our bundle of fabrics. I also didn’t like the real leather as the colour was off putting and wouldn’t go with most of the bags and it isn’t apart of our values, as we want our target market to be for everyone, and due to our sale being in the university, there is a lot of vegans and vegetarians that wouldn’t invest into our products. Below is a sample of the leather to show the stitching and the experimentation we carried out through our design.


The black stitching is our final idea as it went with the majority of the bags. We all agreed on this as we sent the image to our social media group so we could all see. Lowri was busy dying our earphone holders with wood and she was showing us the progress as she went along, we were all really happy with it and liked the colours.


Thursday 8th February 2018

A whole 5 hours in the print room:

The acetate and paper bags arrived last night, so I came in early and then put the acetate in the stitch room ready for Will to collect when he was in, as he was making our display and the acetate was sandwiched between the wood.  I then went to the print room all day, luckily I already had my screen so I could get started with putting our logo on the packaging for the lunch bags.

When ordering the bags from eBay, I discussed with everyone if we should get 50 bags, or 30. I was aiming for 50, however they were more expensive, and the 30 bags were the cheapest I could find at £4.35. Lowri wasn’t happy with spending more of our seedfund, so I just bought 30 as she is the team leader I listened to her, however, the thing is with screen printing you have to allow for mistakes. This wasn’t accounted for unfortunately.

When in the print room i mixed my colours, I made teal and crimson red, just like our website colours, I was also going to make black as well, mixing the dye with the binder to create a paste for the screen. I then found out that we didn’t have any black so I just stuck with the teal and crimson.


I firstly practised on paper, and it came out really successful. However, the bags were really crinkled and due to the backing it was raised and not a flat surface, so three bags didn’t come out right. So this meant we were left with 27 paper bags. I tried to get in contact with the group but they weren’t available. So after this mistake I didn’t want to carry on. I washed the screen and left it to dry and luckily Steve Murray was there to help me. He gave me some of his card and I then printed onto that and stuck it inside the bag so I could see where I was printing to make it straight and in line. Thankfully this worked, and now the paper bags have a flat surface because of the card and they came out fine.

Image of the paper bags:
From the image below you can see they are quite textured and not a flat surface so this is why the paint went crinkled and bled.


Colour Scheme:


Why teal and crimson?

When we first launched our website, the colour used was teal. I really liked this colour as we had some fabric that matched and it looked really nice as we were sticking to a theme. Teal is also a unisex colour. It is good for both male and female, and this was our target market. Teal is also associated with the meanings of refreshing, sophisticated, energy, and creativity. Which describes us as a business really well as our quirkyness of our designs and styles give our brand energy and the refreshing side comes from the aesthetic of the bags and creativity was one of our key values. I then looked at the website and thought that it was perhaps too samey with the teal. I wanted to make it more energetic and fun with adding two colours. I then thought of crimson as it is also a unisex colour. It is also a strong red pigment which is a great colour to have as a representation.

Back to the print room:

Lowri finally came to see me at the end of the day and I told her about the situation and we only had 27 finished bags instead of 30. She wasn’t cross with this as we are going to ask our customers if they would like a bag, and some of my family members are buying some so they won’t need one as they are pre-ordering anyway.  I felt relieved after this, however, she told me that the packaging didn’t go well with the string so they had just wrapped the earphone holders around the cellophane which I really liked as I saw a picture on Instagram, plus it looked effective as we are keeping our packaging to a minimum.

The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is with a business you have to allow for mistakes and things not always working out. So even though this module may have brought on a lot of stress, it has been a learning experience. She then said that Will was going to laser cut the washing instructions instead, I was a bit gutted about this as I had done them all by hand in the second week as I knew what product we were making. I was thinking that maybe if we all contributed to the discussion during the second week, Will could have suggested laser cutting the instructions when I had mentioned I was going to do them by hand. This day I had felt like I wasn’t consulted about ideas and they were just doing them without any discussion. However I can’t complain as this was the only downfall. Maybe it was because of the pressure as the sale day isn’t too far away.

Images of the earphone holders:




Earphone holder completion:

We now have 47 earphone holders in total ready for the sale day! We did have 59, however we are keeping 6 out for a display. The others had gone wrong with the sanding process.

Lowri had also told me that Will had come up with quirky names for these earphone holders, and as our brand supplies everyday essentials with recycled materials, we wanted to put the earphone holders in a position where they went with the lunch bags, so they all have fruit and vegetable related names. I loved this idea.

With the acetate, I consulted the group a week before and said shall I buy the teal and crimson acetate in A3 size? The group had replied through social media saying yes that it was a good idea, as this was going to be for our display. We were having a laser cut wood display of our name BAG-n-ROLL, and then having acetate sandwiched between so it stood out. I then saw images of the display posted on instagram and Will had only used the teal. I was extremely happy with the craft of the display as it looks amazing and will definitely impress customers and stand out. However, I was a bit gutted that no one had mentioned we didn’t need the other acetate as I felt like at this point we had wasted money. I think because everyone is under pressure, as we are only a few days before selling, that communication has been lost a little.

Image of the display:


After standing up all day in the print room, it was nice to then go to the stitch studio and hand sew the buttons onto the bag lining (canvas) and also the name tags. Me and Lowri made a start on this, and I stayed until half 9 to get the majority of the bags finished with buttons and name tags.

Friday 9th February 2018

I had made a facebook ‘Official Launch’ page for our business. I had made the other group members hosts, and allowed it so members could invite their own friends. Altogether we have invited over 200 so far. I have a lot of friends that are working on our sale date and can’t come in so they have asked if they can pre-order the item and paypal me the money so I can then give it to my business. I loved this idea as I was happy we were selling even though they weren’t able to make it to the shop, as I would be very pleased if people who weren’t in our university bought our products. My mum had also shared this with her friends, and they approached her in work saying they were impressed with the bags and they really wanted to purchase one on the sale day.

I went straight to the stitch studio and started to sew the buttons onto the canvas that was left so they don’t pull. Me and Lowri worked on this all day to get it done. Will had also finished laser cutting our price list, and our earphone holder display with the fruit and vegetable names above each colour to represent it.

Earphone holder display and price list:



I saw it and thought wow it looks amazing! I was very impressed and I like the materials used to showcase our display. At this point things were starting to look up and we were extremely happy to see some more progress. We also stayed until 7.30pm and I then went to get some posters done. I think that the way we have displayed our earphone holders is fantastic as the customer can see what they’re getting and how it works can easily be shown and told to them. The only down fall was that raspberry was not spelt correctly, however I had mentioned this but some members of the team didn’t seem to phased to change it.


These were the first two posters, they were a bit texty and had a lot going on, I printed them out in A3 to see the quality, even though I had to re-do the poster, I still stuck them in the SU, as I feel like people who go to the SU aren’t always students from the Art & Design school so they may not know what is happening or what our products are about. So I put them on the entrance of the SU as you enter through the library. I then went home as I was extremely tired and I was planning on going in the next day. When I got home I started to add more to the business plan and fill in more questions that I had previously left out.

Saturday 10th February 2018

I don’t really like going into the Cardiff School of Art & Design on the weekend as it makes me anxious being in the building without anyone there as there is security etc, however I didn’t realise you weren’t allowed to bring parents in, I brought mine just because they are on holiday from the 12th February and won’t see my sale, but they really wanted to see the products in person,  as do most people as sometimes pictures can be deceiving. So for now it wasn’t an issue as I explained to the security and he allowed us. I then took them to see the bags in the textile studio and they were pleased with the earphone holders and bags, and I have now made a sale.

Pre-orders so far:

Teal earphone holder: £4
Yellow earphone holder: £4
Navy earphone holder: £4
Navy lunch bag: £12
Floral lunch bag: £12

If I hadn’t brought them to see the products our business wouldn’t have made £24 in pre-orders with the additional £12 added as well due to my friend from textiles giving me her own fabric to make a lunch bag out of.

We all left and I went to the library to work on the posters. I have decreased the text to make it minimalistic and more catchy for people to see. Me and Lowri will come in tomorrow to put them up so people can then see them Monday and then get ready for our sale day on Tuesday.


Sunday 11th February 2018

Lowri, Fatimah, Doaa and me came into university today, the girls were finishing off the lucnh bags and managed to get them done by 5pm before we had to leave. During this time I brought the business plan with me to show Lowri what she thought of it. I managed to complete every single section of the business plan, apart from 7.0 financial forecasting. With this section I needed some help, and me and Lowri were trying to work out costings. However we thought the others could perhaps help us on Monday. She read over it and was pleased with it. I had also sent Will, Fatimah and Doaa a copy through social media. By the time we left I was pleased we had our products completed. On Monday all we have to do is some finishing touches, making sure the lunch bags are presentable, press them with the iron, and keep them safe before setting up in the evening. I am pleased with our progress and don’t think we’ve done too bad as a team of 5 as all of our products are hand made and haven’t been bought elsewhere and changed with our logo. We have made everything ourselves.

Business Plan so far:

Business Plan Draft One

As it was a joint part of mine and Will’s responsibility to look after social media, I made sure to update our website with the products. Here are some screenshots of the website:


Above is the homepage. I wanted the mixture of the teal and crimson, and a little about us as a team as well as our strap line. We also have moving images of our progress at the start. I think so far this is a good website and has all of the key information and concepts.

I also added a FAQ page, as I thought this would be important for our customers to know.  This helps them and helps us get our meanings and values across.


As I purchased items on eBay, I needed to make some receipts on word to send to Lowri to make an invoice for our proof of buying.

eBay Receipts:

  1. 30 Medium (22x 26x 11cm) White Craft Paper Carrier Bags
    Sale Date: Thursday 1st Feb 20:20
    Arrived: 7th February
    Price: £4.35
  2. Heat Proof Coloured Transparent Acetate Gel Sheet
    Size A3 x2
    Colours: Peacock Blue and Fire Red
    Sale Date: 1st Feb 20:15
    Arrived: 7th February
    Price: £8.78