Self Assesment

Reflecting on Key Areas

Before our feedback tomorrow we have been asked to look at this list beforehand so we are prepared with the questions.

I’d say my strengths so far are colour. I am strong at choosing a powerful colour palette. I also have strength in digital skills as they are positively progressing. I also have photography skills which I want to develop and incorporate into my work for third year. Mood Boards are also becoming a strength with digital skills provided.

Areas to be developed are writing a Hypothetical Design Commission Brief. Professionalism in mounting – as I have no yet stitched headers which I am in need of doing ready for third year. Also I want to learn the various ways to mount work and what looks best. Also what size your sample should be.  I also need to research about Press Packs. I would like to be able to screen print a repeat pattern in third year as well as I haven’t been taught this.  Also I will need to develop CAD visuals over the summer as well as I need to keep on drawing.

I found Part One to be very de-motivating as there was 10 weeks on researching a company. I think if research was perhaps done in the summer, or cut down for Part One, I would’ve been motivated to build up a technical file of experimentations to build up to the final collection. Although research is definitely important, I feel it could’ve been shorter. I found it uninspiring. Having a formative point in Part Two was very helpful as I wouldn’t have considered change within my collection and wouldn’t have been inspired to make another body of work of sketches. It helped my work grow for Part Three, as during this I was really motivated after receiving a satisfactory to become better and to push myself for a better grade and to produce more work that I am now proud of.


  • 30 Day challenge – Drawing
  • Keep a sketchbook going
  • Photography Trips
  • Research for Consultant brief
  • Use other mediums such as oil paint, oil pastel, water colour
  • Keep up with digital skills
  • Practice and watch CAD visual videos to improve on
  • Research Trips – visit other areas for inspiration

I also hope we will get feedback on what the tutors think our strengths are as well and what they think we need to develop.


Last Day of High Spirited!

After all of the hard work I have put into Part Three to really make my collection stand out and to a high standard, it was really pleasing to see my final samples up and ready for the exhibition on Thursday. I spoke with Helen as I was worried about the A3 file, but explained to Helen what I’ve done to label and make things easier for marking, which was with the explanations clipped at the top of each section, Helen was pleased with this and said it was a good idea, so I am hoping that all the hard work has paid off and shows within my designs. I am gutted we couldn’t put our colour board and mood board up at least, as I think it is important to show the mood and meaning you wanted to convey within your designs and it gives an idea of the colours used and shows the thought process. I understand why we couldn’t as the professionalism, although I was amazed by first years work. It looks amazing and I wish we could have experimented like they have with our wall space! Nevertheless, I am pleased with my work, and I am excited for third year and I do hope we get a bigger space for us to work in as our class seems to be growing. I can’t wait to see what third year holds and I am going to have mini projects over the summer so I dont forget any skills I’ve worked on these past few months but only to work on them and gain even more.

Field Experience

I have had such a great experience with field. As both modules have helped me improve and grow within my creative studies. I have enjoyed the modules and feel like I have pushed myself with both terms and have had outstanding grades in both. Having the fresh and new outlook on the modules has made me open to new ideas and change.

First Field Module; Site, Space, Public Place

This module has been one of my favourites so far. It was such a fun and interesting topic to engage in, and I felt that within textiles, public art is such a strong element within the public. This is due to the commissioned prints and art work that you see in hospitals, hotels, galleries, streets, etc. Being commissioned for a piece of work has always appeared to be an interest of mine. I am lucky to have learnt all about it and the negative and positive outcomes that you may not have considered. It has definitely opened my eyes and to appreciate not only the aesthetic of public art but the thought that has gone with it and the long process. I was surprised how long some proposals can actually take. I also learnt a new programme, although it was only briefly I enjoyed it a lot. I used sketch up, you can see in the bottom images the outcomes I was able to produce. I could definitely develop this skill and use it for interiors in upcoming modules. I am also glad to have public art commissions as a possibility when I leave university. I also enjoyed working out a hypothetical budget! And my design sheets. I was the only textile student in this module too, so it was nice to mix with other students from various disciplines for once. Also using resin as a substrate instead of fabrics was a nice change. Although keeping in with textiles I wanted to trap threads and wool in the resin. Lee Sharma was also brought in to talk to us about presentation skills. This then benefitted my formative Part Two assessment for Subject. My presentation definitely went a lot better compared to the first time presenting in Part One. I am pleased with the experience and I have taken a lot to my own personal subject.

Second Field Module: Mind Your Own Business

This module was probably the most difficult and challenging module out of all the field modules. I really enjoyed working with different students as it helps to build confidence. I also found that it was great to build a micro-business to experience what it could be like. I also found out how hard it can be to compromise ideas but it was then resolved with problem solving. I was pleased with the making and the thoughts behind this module. It was hard work, 10am start to 5pm everyday, it really keeps you occupied and I liked this aspect of running a business. I also learnt how to use the laser cutter in the textiles room as I cut all of the leather straps. I am pleased that I have learnt new skills in this aspect as it would be amazing to use it in the future.

Overall, field has influenced subject and myself in a personal way which I will never forget. I am pleased to have taken part in these modules and found them both to be interesting and some of my best work so far. I will keep the hard work up like I did within these modules and keep on producing work that I’m proud of.

Final Submission!


I have ensured to prep myself early for the summative hand in. Above are all of my submissions in files. My A3 File which consists of my designs and repeating structures, my technical file, my sketches and design development I put together with ribbon and my square photography book. I have had the photography book ready since April and I am so excited to hand it in! As well as all of my work, I am hoping to get good feedback this time and hopefully improve my grade with all of the extra work.


Final Collection – Digital Designs

Design 1    Anthurium Teal & Orange 

Design 2           Adventure Orange (Fabric) Bright Teal, Dark Teal,
Dark Purple, Bright Purple.

Design 3             A Slice Of Orange

Pattern spike

Design 4             Liveliness In The Plant (Fabric)

Pattern Spiked flower design

Design 5    Silhouette Plant Dark Teal, Bright Teal, Teal (Fabric)

Design 6 – Alternative Colour Ways
Silhouette Tree Original, Green & Yellow, Lilac & Blue, Earthy Tones

Design 7   Hazy Blotches

Spot design 1

Design 8          Flowing Stems Purple (Fabric), Orange

Design 9    Illuminate Leaf (Fabric), Sombre Leaf

Design 10        Diamond Leaves

Diamond Leaves

Design 11     Bed Of Flowers, Bright Purple, Dark Purple, Bright Teal (Fabric)

Design 12     Lines and Dots

Lines n Dots

Design 13          Adventure

Leaf and Anthirium
Design 14         Abstract Leaf

Lino print.jpg
Design 15        Vibrant Petals 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 16.09.52

Design 16      Hazy Shades of Botanics

Design 1

Design 17           Purple Pollen

nEW dESIGN heat press

Design 18        Flora Grains

print 4
Design 19      Brightly Coloured Spathes


Design 20    High Hopes


Design 21           Rose Feeling

print 3


Design 22     Oil Paint


Ticking the Box!

As I wanted to work harder for Part Three to gain a better grade within my professional practice in preparation for third year, I wanted to go back over my checklist to see what I’ve done as it is almost the end of the module!

  • More CAD visuals – refine them – Charlie Bull Friday afternoon.
  • Develop design ideas and motifs from sketchbook
  • Work on ‘hero’ key designs
  • Present designs on individual mounts – Make sure 6 designs fit on the wall as required – If there is no space speak to staff
  • Print out own labels instead of handwriting them – professionalism
  • Make sure final designs are clearly labelled as well as files, etc. LABEL EVERYTHING
  • Think about pricing of work – would a client pay £350
  • Bold marks and draw on a bigger scale
  • Digital stitch – doesn’t fit in with the loose drawing style
  • Analyse samples
  • A hard copy of a reflective statement
  • Time-lapse videos of drawings onto blog – via youtube
  • Experiment with image presentation on blog
  • Design a logo to be printed on top of mounts – professionalism 

I have pretty much ticked everything off the box! The only thing I can say that I haven’t been able to do is bold marks and drawing on a bigger scale. This is due to not having accessible space at home and not having a desk at uni, but I do hope I can further explore this matter at some point before third year. As the weather is becoming nicer, I can set myself a challenge over the summer to work on a bigger scale out in the garden!

I am so pleased with everything else and I can see how much better my designs look when they are mounted with a logo and labels that are digital printed and not hand written. I am pleased with my designs also, I worked so hard on them to get them right and I have printed them on intervoke silk paper in the print studio. This always makes me nervous, however the colours weren’t different and they printed out exactly A4. I am hoping I can put my mood and colour board up with my designs, I will have to talk to the tutors about this.


CAD Visuals


After Part Two I realised how my CAD visuals weren’t to the best standard as you could tell they were badly done. I found them difficult as I found it hard to actually choose the image in the first place as a starting point. I always found them overcrowded and my designs didn’t stand out. I then found by searching ’empty living room, bedroom’ etc, I was able to find the perfect base image to then add my designs to.

This CAD visual consists of a floor lamp, a rug, wallpaper and a chair. The walls were brown so I added the pink to see the colour contrasting with my designs. It definitely shows the energy and uplifting element from my designs into an interior space. What I hadn’t done in my previous CAD visuals was experiment with blending, such as adding shadows and a glow. In the original image the shadow was on the right hand side, so when I placed the chair I edited it to make it darker to blend with the shadow. The light was then on the let hand side so I added a glow to the plant and enhanced the brightness of the lamp. I am really pleased with this as it looks realistic and all of it is my own design and from my own initiative! Although it took me 2 hours, I am pleased with the outcome and have gone on to do more that took less time.

New Displacement

The CAD visual below shows a contrast within interior rooms. For this one I wanted a minimalistic look. Showcasing wall art, a rug and stool I wanted to see what it would like in a studio apartment. I feel like my designs certainely brighten up a space no matter what colour the walls are or flooring. I added a shadow to the stool and distorted the rug so it would fit with the angle and direction of the floor. As I am becoming familiar with the tools I feel that my CAD visuals will become more interesting and realistic for third year.


This is one of my favourite visuals. It is a simplistic room where I have added the pink sofa, the wallpaper behind and the two cushions. Again, experimenting with the direction of light. I added shadow on the right side of the sofa and a white shadow to the left to brighten it up. To me, this looks really professional and of a high standard and the colours make the room pop and show the energy conveyed within the design.


Another minimalistic design I experimented with a placement design on a clock, the chair unedited without any blending tools, and imagery in picture frames. To show the contrast between adding shadows and not actually makes a difference. I will continue using the blending techniques to make the CAD visuals as realistic as I can.


Personal Critique; Textiles Degree Show 2018

Name of Degree Show student: Emily Davies

Comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work:

Emilys work was well thought out in the way that she took inspiration from her trip around Europe. The concepts behind her work were all based from photography and then her sketches. I loved her work as it is close to mine. I was inspired by her development, taking her sketches and putting them into a design motif to repeat and design placements. Her collection linked really well and there was a strong sense of belonging with her overall mood of the collection from Europe. Her colour palette also linked well with the European cities due to the vibrant colours and texture of her samples.

How successful are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts

I think Emilys approach to her design development and theme allowed her to stand out from other designs. Her work was original due to the vibrant and contemporary colour palette. The pops of colour definitely stood out amongst the black outlines of her sketches. The use of flock also created a nice texture for her theme.

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you

The look of Emilys exhibition space really stood out. The frames overall with the dress templates really make her samples stand out and people are able to see what the clothing is like. This is really impressive as her samples all look great and the frames with the colour background stand out also.  Making her ‘Pocket Europe’ theme really unique and personal to her.

Evaluate the presentation style of the work

The presentation was very clever and showed depth within Emilys work. This was due to her having three dress templates in frames. They showcased her first, secondary, and tertinary designs well and on the hangers below, they indicate which samples belong to what sub collection within her designs. The orange line across the middle also makes her designs stand out instead of a completely plain white wall.

Name of Degree Show student: Sonia Davies

Comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work:

I find Sonia’s concepts and development ideas to be unique once you’ve found the reason why and it is more than just mark making. It stood out to me as she focussed her collection on close up textures that we see and touch every day in our lives.

How successful are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts

The materials worked well with her overall concept of the textural substrate concept, the colour palette also works well with the initial ideas.

What is it about this exhibition that impresses you

When buddying up with Emily, I remember Sonias wall for a particular reason. Not much was happening and it seemed to be just blue, and I remember helping Sonia on the last Friday when her samples had arrived. I had pressed them all for her and after that I hadn’t seen any extra work done to her final space. At first I wasn’t sure about the clothing rail when I was putting her samples on it, however since seeing the show I was amazed at how professional and unique her space looks. It’s different from the others and I admire how she has used her whole space to link her designs to. I love the mark making spiral piece that covers her wall. I also loved the black metal frame to showcase CAD visuals and they were put on with pegs. I thought this stood out and was fitting with her theme.

 Evaluate the presentation style of the work

The space was definitely used to its full potential as there wasn’t much negative space. I love the use of colours, such as the painted light blue wall, and the mark making piece. It definitely stands out. The only negative thing I would say is that the boxes where her cushions are on were a lot more noticeable as they stood out due to not fitting in with her colour scheme. Although, saying this, it could’ve been what she wanted which in that case is absolutely fine. I also like the use of her fabrics pinned up in different shapes so you could see a particular angle and section of the design. Definitely a unique space and presented well that it caught the eye and stood out.

The show was great and I think it felt a lot more close to home as helping the third years complete their final year was definitely fun and great to see what there is to come next year. I thought everyones work was outstanding and each student had different approaches to their design concepts and development.

I have learnt from the degree show that: 

1) It is important to show your primary research. For me, it was all about knowing where their inspiration came from and how they developed it through their mark making and design process and then how they manipulated it digitally. It is good to understand someones though process within their designs. It definitely makes you like them more!

2) Being unique and doing things that aren’t common within the design industry is important as within the show I noticed some stood out more than others due to their unique choice of presenting their show. It’s important to be memorable for your work and if you’re different, you are most likely going to stick with people and hopefully gain potential customer base. Your show is completely yours and you can set it out yourself, and I love the painted walls – it stands out from the rest!

3) How you set your designs is important. If they are on a product it will interest you more than just a few samples on hangers.

Last minute sketches

Above are my lively sketches as part of this collection which I have been working on to develop. After spending my time with these sketches and previous ones, it has been such an eye opener how much primary research and sketches really do influence and make your designs. I have so many motifs and design ideas from these sketches. I am so pleased to have taken note on doing as many sketches as I possibly can, as this is will help me in third year to be the best designer I can be and ready for my future. With this I have mixed feelings, as I have now come up with 4 new designs that due to the timing I was unable to get them printed on intervoke silk paper. Although, I have still printed them and mounted them with labels to show the possibilities and additional work I have done. I have been so motivated for Part Three, and I am pleased with my work and I can say I am happy to carry this on in third year.

Updated HDCB – High Spirited

Hypothetical Design Commission Brief ADZ5777
‘Making Connections’ 
High Spirited

This collection for Harlequin will explore the theme of outdoor botanicals in an abstract way. I will be using a contrasting colour palette by using a hazy colour scheme with shades of pinks and oranges, with the eccentric contrast of teals and purple, with a pop of bronze. The four mood boards I have produced digitally are visually inspiring and convey the overall mood for my upcoming collection, ‘High Spirited.’

Harlequin stood out to me due to their in-house studios extensive design ethos. Their passion for colour and style creates an authentic target market to be of those who have a sense of individuality in a courageous way. I will be exploring the interior sector as it is the key element to Harlequin as a successful textile brand. My expectation for this brief includes experimentation and being as upbeat as I can with exploratory work.

My collection ‘High Spirited’ will bring a calming feel within my designs with a contradictory cheerful uplift to the viewers mood when viewing this collection. The bright and contrasting colour scheme give a sense of vibrancy. The stylised and silhouette botanical prints give a sophisticated edge to it. The meaning conveyed will be a general love for adventure and the simple things within life and bringing it to the client’s home.

Within ‘High Spirited’ I will focus on using lino prints, drawing by hand, batik, dying fabric and then digital design. The whole collection will be inspired by nature. My designs will be influenced by this and show an abstract approach to the botanical plants and flowers. I will begin the design process in my sketchbook then developed further digitally. By creating motifs by hand, this stays close to Harlequin as a company, I will then further them by digital design and put a new twist on the company to give my own feel to the brand. I will gather my primary research from Cefn On Park, Roath Botanical Garden as well as Bute Park. Photoshoots and drawing on site will be encouraged for this collection also and a final photobook submission that has inspired by designs alongside my collection.

The final collection will display a variety of complimentary designs for interiors using illustrative printed pattern from the inspiration of nature and the structure to convey the silhouette and showcase the beauty of nature and the wonderful shapes in an abstract way. This collection will have a focus point of the print discipline. I will use foiling, flock and dyes and have my fabrics printed by Contrado. My collection will be purposeful, and be designed for upholstery, wallpaper, curtains, cushions, nets, roller blinds, as well as outdoor interior. My collection will supply various disciplines within textiles for a diverse range. I will also make various colour ways within my designs to show a variety within my collection. This will further convey the overall mood of this collection. ‘High Spirited’ will be an adventure for the client, bringing back nature to their homes.