Urban Beat; Colour Board

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.13.15

Finishing my colour board for Urban Beat has been successful and satisfying, as now I have my pantone  references I can progress further with my designs. I will use this board to keep me informed of the colour scheme and also remind myself of the grungy, energetic vibe I want to convey with the pop of colour going through my designs. Three of these images are my own. When I went to Boys Village I took these and they’ve become a success with being on my colour board. However, I manipulated them in some way using Photoshop. This was because I wanted each image to fit and portray everything I wanted it to. Here is what I did:

Image One – The Handle

I changed the saturation and increased the exposure. I also added tints of dark pink. Before the image was more of an orange tone, however I wanted it to fit my colour ideas so I enhanced the features through Photoshop. After adding these adjustments the handle started to look exactly how I imagined, with the various shades of pink, ranging from bright to dark.

Image Two – Graffiti
This image was more of a cream overcast, I changed this by tinting it. It went a teal colour with a pop of yellow already in the image due to the graffiti. This fitted perfectly. I then blended this from the right hand side to show a sense of decay within the image as it blends in with the light.

Image Three – Light
I had this image in my mood board, however I didn’t just want to place it on the colour board without changing it to fit more to my colour scheme. I decided it would be interesting to manipulate it and see what I could produce when experimenting. I then added a layer and used the pipette tool to select my colour. I changed the options on the right hand side of the essentials on Photoshop. This enabled me to get the colour I wanted and completely change the image of the original lights. It has become less Photographic and more cartoon like with a silhouette.

Image Four – Rust 
This image was the last one I chose. I had a big gap remaining in the right hand corner and was unsure what to do with it. I decided to look through my photoshoot images and then I spotted an image I was eager to use. It was an abandoned boiler that had gained rust over the years of its decay.

By  using my Photoshop skills, the image on the left is the unedited version, which I really love but it doesn’t fit the colour scheme so utilising Photoshop enabled me to produce the image on the right, and crop the left section to fit it in the background. I experimented with the adjustments to make it fit the colour scheme, it has the light teal and pink that I wanted and I think it fits perfectly for a background image. I then blended the bottom of the image as there was a white space I didn’t know how to fix, so I used the pipette and selected the pantone and used the brush to fill in the space.

Pantone Colour Reference:
Looking at the pantone book last Tuesday I decided on 7 colours that I will be using in my designs. I used a hexagon shape in relation to bolts. They inspired me for this as they are a very urban substance. It also linked in with the bolts that are in the image of the handle. I wanted to portray my colour scheme through that instead of a regular square.

Urban Beat; Manipulating images


This image above was taken in the area I live in. I was walking home one evening and took this shot as I like the composition and the structure of the building.
To fit my theme of ‘Urban Beat’ I manipulated the image below and chose colours to suit my colour scheme.

I was inspired to manipulate the hue to enhance the colours and create the blue and pink contrast. If I was going to use this as part of my final 6 designs, I would check the correct pantone values to match my colour board. So far, I really like the overall feel of the black building with the structured lines as it could be a potential repeat design for an interior, such as wallpaper, cushion, towel, etc. I will create this digitally using the shape tool on photoshop, or simply use the magic wand.

I am pleased with this and hopefully will develop it further and make it fit ‘Urban Beat’ and reach my full potential.

Urban Beat; Experimentation with colour palettes

When starting my colour board, I wanted to try out various colours from three of my images which are below. Two are from the Photoshoot from Boys Village, and the other is of my mark making I had done in last terms.

I enjoyed using the pipette tool and selecting colours to make colour chips. When using this skill over and over I became so used to it, I decided to type in the correct CMYK to have the exact colour from the pantone. I was going to start off with the bottom left image as my colour scheme, I liked the rust, red, and cyan colour, I thought the combination was strong and would depict Urban Beat, however, the top image of the railing handle stood out to me more and thats how I made my decision to have a pop of colour, being the yellow from the railway. I think it’s good to experiment before finalising a colour palette as it helps to make a clear picture of what colours you want. The dark pink contrasting with the yellow convey juxtaposition. The two colours you wouldn’t normally associate with each other conveys the grungy, rebellion, energetic trend I’m working with.

Urban Beat; Experimentation with Illustrator

I wanted to depict Urban Beat through my potential design idea. After looking through the pantones I decided on the colours in the image above. The colours I have chosen are dark which is definitely what I was going for. It’s grungy and depicts urban beat in a way of being rebellious.  I added the yellow hue from the inspiration of the railway. I wanted the pop of colour to give it a feeling of vibrant energy. I think these mix of colours are inevitable for the trend as they fit the values so well.

The brush strokes are also significant as the ridged outline gives it a wild and energetic feel as some of the strokes are never ending and expand in different angles and directions. The second image is where I experimented with shapes, the hexagon  shape is taken from the inspiration of the bolts that have been apart of my research. Again, using the colours from the pantone I expanded the hexagons in various directions, angles and made each one a different size. This conveys the rebellion and straight structure of the hexagon implies urbanisation.

Urban Beat; Finalisation of mood board

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.58.32.png

Above is my final mood board for the trend ‘Urban Beat’. I believe that this board portrays the aesthetic of the trend and what I want to produce for my final design, which is something with energy, a sense of rebellion, and a grungy over view. It is also a cool approach to design, showing street strength and graffiti. From this, I will make colour swatches by choosing pantones to create a palette digitally, as well as gathering imagery that fits the colour scheme and trend.

Urban Beat; Mood Board Development


Above is my mood board for ‘Urban Beat’ after developing my Photoshop skills. After creating my first mood board I was really unhappy with it as it looked very ‘cut and paste’, like I could have produced it by hand. So with my following mood boards  I wanted to utilise Photoshop and really show my full potential of using it. So I focussed on cropping and cutting the images I had. The girl on the left was completely cut out of the background and the Railway station to the right was cut in half, by doing this it really does make the image stand out and the aesthetic is more pleasing. I really enjoyed utilising the magic wand tool and selection as it enabled me to for fill my goal of manipulating the images. The three lights I found to be most difficult as I didn’t realise how time consuming it was. I got there eventually as I wanted the roundness of the light to keep its circular shape, whereas before I made it really angular and straight edged. I also found a perfect background image to fill the mood board so it didn’t look plain. I then changed the opacity and added graffiti in the background and also at the top behind the lights I added a graffiti sofa. I absolutely love this part of the mood board as it really stands out, the contrast of the light and dark images create a great effect for Urban Beat. Overall I am happy with this, and for my next steps for this project I need to work on producing a colour board that will show my colour scheme for my upcoming designs.

Photoshop; Cartoon

During this session of using Photoshop we were taught how to make a cartoon of an image and this involved using tools such as, pen tool, the pipette, and learning how to make a selection, choosing a colour from the image and then applying it. I chose an image of myself and started to use the pen tool. I found it difficult to get the pen to curve around the circular shapes, so parts didn’t work so well as I wanted it to. However it was my first time using it so I will definitely practice more to gain the skills. After you make a selection, you use the pipette and click on a certain colour, then press ‘alt + delete’ so it fills the selection with the chosen colour. Below is my outcome from using this technique.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.16.53